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Class 10

Class 10 

Teacher: Mrs O'Brien

TA: Mr. Coupland

Welcome to Class 10's class page.





Football Match in aid of CAFOD (21.3.18)


This week, the children in Class 10 took part in a football match to raise money for CAFOD. A BIG thank you to all parents and children, who raised lots of money with sponsorship. We also charged Class 11 and 12 to watch the match and we sold refreshments too. So far we have raised over £227 from our class, with some more donations to come in after Easter, which has exceeded even my expectations and will contribute greatly to our school total. Thank you so much again for your support in this and your continued support with your children's learning.

Picture 1 Action from the match
Picture 2 Action from the match
Picture 3 Action from the match
Picture 4 Cheerleaders supporting The Royal Saints
Picture 5 Cheerleaders supporting The Mighty Dragons
Picture 6 Serving refreshments to the spectators
Picture 7 Mighty Dragons half time team talk
Picture 8 Royal Saints half time team talk

The children had a fantastic time and showed some great skill and lots of passion for the game. Mr Mills refereed the game and commented on their great sportsmanship. It was a close game, with some great play and goals from both sides, and was 2-2 with only minutes to spare. However, in the last minute, Leo Page made a run down the right hand side and scored a screamer of a goal in the top left hand corner to win it for the Mighty Dragons.

Congratulations to the Mighty Dragons but well done to the whole class for their dedication and enthusiasm to this event.

Photos from Class 10 assembly - Growth mindset

Topics for the Term:

Spring 2

Science - Green Plants

Creative Curriculum - Rock and Roll

Core Learning Skills - Knowing me , knowing you


Summer 1

Science - The Human Body - The Circulation System

Creative Curriculum - Brazil and Rainforests

Core Learning Skills - Thinking Skills




We piloted 'Talk for Writing' at the start of the Summer Term last year and we're now really enjoying the benefits that T4W gives us!  If you want to have a look at what it's all about, follow the link below...

Big Maths

In maths we are using the column methods for the four operations. Here are some examples:



Always line the digits up using place value

Don't forget to add the carry overs

Always write the addition symbol so that you don't forget your calculation




Always line the digits up using place value

Always write the subtraction symbol

If you cannot take one number from the other, borrow one from the next column.





Always line the digits up using place value

Always ADD the carried numbers

When you are multiplying by 2d number, always put the place holder '0' to help you multiply by the tens digit.

If you are multiplying by 3d number , always put two place holder '0's to help you multiply by 100.





If there is a remainder, carry it over to the next column

Use your times table facts to help you divide each digit



Long Division:

Long division works by dealing with the largest column 1st - in the case below the 8 (800).

How many times does 4 go into 8? ... from the 4 times table ..2 x 4 = 8. Write the 2 above the 8 and the result, 8, is written below the 8.



Work out the remainder by subtracting 8 from 8, 8-8=0 Now bring the 5 down to make 05 the next number to divide into.


How many times does 4 go into 5? ... from the 4 times table ..1 x 4 = 4. Write the 1 above the 5 and the result, 4, is written below the 5.




Work out the remainder by subtracting 4 from 5, 5-4=1 Now bring the 6 down to make 16 the next number to divide into.


How many times does 4 go into 16? ... from the 4 times table ..4 x 4 = 16. Write the 4 above the 6 and the result, 16, is written below the 16.

Finally, subtract 16 from 16, 16-16=0, which means that there is no remainder.

The answer is 214 with no remainder.