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Welcome to Class 9's page! 

Class Teacher - Miss Payne

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J Baines


Here is where you will find all the information you need about what we are doing this year in our wonderful class! Keep an eye out for lots of photographs, videos and example of our work!!



Please look below and read our Curriculum Letter for this term to find out all the fabulous things we will be learning over this next term. 

Class 9 started their new academic year by signing our Mission Statement; "Grow in Faith, Have Faith in Growing", and sharing what they feel it means to them!

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Collective Worhsip


Class 9 carry out a child-led collective worship every Tuesday morning. They plan, rehearse and deliver them to the whole class. For our first week back we focused on the mission statement and linked it to the following scripture;

Romans 10:17 - So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

The children explained that the word they had heard helped them to understand that if we listen to what God is telling us then we can grow in faith and have faith in growing which links to our mission statement.


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In school we expect that all children read aim to read at least 5 times per week at home, in return they will be rewarded with 5 house points. Please listen to your children read and talk to them about their reading. We don't mind if you write in the reading records other books you have listened to your child read that week that we have not assigned to them. The more reading the merrier!! 


QUOTE OF THE DAY - "Better readers make better writers!!"


Homework will go out on a Monday and must be returned by the Friday. Outstanding pieces of homework could earn your child up to five house points and homework handed in on time earns them one house point! 


We aim to be the class with the most house points every week!!!

Our learning environment...

Our learning environment... 1
Our learning environment... 2

We are extremely lucky to have a wonderfully spacious classroom full of bright displays and learning aids! 

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By the end of Year 4, we should confidently know ALL of our times tables - up to 12!!!


Do you know all of your times tables?

How about trying out these online games to help?


Don't forget to try TTRockstars too and see if you can speed up your time and achieve Headliner status (or better!) 


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My Book Blog


We have now officially launched My Book Blog at home! 


Access the website using a phone, tablet or laptop using this link...


Remember, Miss Payne and Mrs Baines will be checking your Vocabulary and Comprehension scores! 

Write to her on the blog and they may well reply!