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Friends of St George's

First Meeting of 2016 - 11/10/16


'​The 'Friends of St George's' association is made up of parents, staff, governors, neighbours and anyone who is interested in our Academy - all are welcome. The group  met for the first time this week to consider ways of fundraising for several projects that will benefit the children. They are as follows:

1. Transport for the whole school to the Christmas pantomime at a total cost of approximately £850.

2. Raising £1,000 to cover the cost of new Reading books and a new web-based 'Netflix for books' style book selection and  blogging system.

3. The long term project of raising £9,000 to enable each phase to have a class set of ipads to enhance learning across the curriculum.






The group spent time considering some exciting fundraising events that we could hold over the coming year and now wish to seek your opinions on which to choose. They would greatly appreciate it if you could take the following short survey so that they can gather your views. Many thanks!
School Disco - Thursday 10th December
Our first fundraising event will be a school disco. We ask that parents accompany their children to the event. Ticket prices are £1.50 for adults and £1 for children. Due to the hall being quite small, there will be separate times for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 discos. If you have children in both Key Stages, we will put a movie on in one of the classrooms so that whilst siblings wait for one another.


​Key Stage 1:    3.30pm - 5pm
Key Stage 2:    5.30pm - 7pm



New members are always welcome. We will next meet on Monday October 31st at 3.30pm in the meeting room in school.