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Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium Funding: 2017-18

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport, to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. Funding has been allocated to all maintained and state-funded schools with primary phase pupils from 1 September 2013.

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.


Our aims are as follows:

  • To ensure access for all pupils to high quality first teaching of PE by training highly skilled PE teaching staff.
  • To increase pupils' participation in extra curricular sporting activities.
  • To promote active lunch and breaktimes for all pupils.
  • To introduce sharper assessment practices in PE to quickly identify next step skills to be taught.
  • To increase opportunities to take part in competitive sport.
  • To enable all pupils to access a broad range of healthy after school clubs.


PE Sports Funding 2017-18

We will receive £17,720 throughout the academic year and we are planning to do the following:

  • To continue our affiliation with Derby City SSP to allow us to partipcate in competitions, festivals & CPD training. Cost: £1500
  • Employ a specialist PE teacher (full time) and a specialist PE Coach (part time) to teach PE exclusively to all pupils in school: Total cost = £6,000 on staffing costs
  • Provide AfPE Level 3, 5, & 6 subject training to our PE Coordinator, PE Lead Practitioner and Sports Coach to develop their skills & improving the Sports provision throughout the school. Total cost= £900
  • Employ Derby County Community Trust for 1 afternoon a week to work with our PE team in order to up skill them in order to improve the PE Curriculum. Total Cost: £1475
  • To employ the help of Derby County Community Trust to help us with planning/running of our annual sports day in order to improve the quality of Sports Days within the school. Total cost: £120
  • Fund for travel to and from sports fixtures. Total cost: £1,300
  • To train our subject leadership in how to bring physically activity within mainstream lessons (English, maths & science), improve the amount of Physical Active available to pupils. Total Cost: £600
  • Ensure that lunchtime & break times are active using our Midday Supervisors & PE teaching team. Total Cost:  £700
  • To buy branded sports clothing for events so that pupils are prepared for the events and dressed appropriately as well as staff. Water bottles will also be brought to ensure at events, pupils are kept hydrated throughout the duration. Total cost: £300
  • To use external companies to provided different sporting programmes across the school throughout the year to increase the sports that the children can access.  Total cost: £2000


PE Sports Funding 2016 -2017

Throughout the 2016/2017 academic year we received  £13,451
In 2016/2017 we did the following:

  • Employed a specialist PE teacher (full time) and a specialist PE Coach (part time) to teach PE exclusively to all pupils in school: Total cost = £6,000 on staffing costs. By employing these members of staff, it has allowed the PE team to dedicate their team to solely improve the quality of PE throughout the school. It has enabled the school to participate in more physical activity this year.  

·         Provided Level 5 and Level 6 subject leadership coaching to our PE teacher and PE coach to develop their skills; thereby improving Sports provision across school: Total cost= £2,600 on training/CPD. Enabling the PE team to undertake this training has allowed the team to up skill themselves of what is needed to meet the need of the curriculum and the practices involved. Thus improving the quality of PE delivery.

·         Employed a mentor from Derby City SSP for half a day per week to coach our PE teaching team; enabling them to broaden and improve the PE curriculum and wider sports provision across school: Total cost= £3,000 on employing a mentor. Working the Derby City SSP has built the schools links with the partnership but also increased the PE team’s knowledge of each sports in the curriculum. Thus improving the quality of the PE delivery throughout the school. 

  • Developed 'active lunchtimes' and 'active break times' using our Midday Supervisors and PE teaching team. Total cost: £850 on equipment. By spending the money on different types of equipment, it encourages the pupil to take part in a range of different activities during their break and lunchtimes in order for them to become active.

·         Ensured that every pupil receives at least 30 minutes of activity each day by July 2017. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing costs. Every morning KS2 pupils take part in Active to Concentration and KS1 pupils take part in this at the end of lunchtime lead by the PE Specialist. During lunchtime, there are a range of active lunchtime clubs provided for the children (dance, basketball, tennis, football etc).

·         Increased the range of fixtures for competitive sport (intra and inter) opportunities so that more children can participate. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing costs. The pupils have participate in a range of fixtures throughout the year which has allowed the pupils to take part in healthy competition against themselves & other schools. The pupils have also participated in multiple festivals in sports that they would not usually take part in. Overall 200 children have taken part in these.

·         Funded travel to and from sports fixtures. Total cost = £1,000 on transport. This funding has allowed us to enter as many Derby City SSP competition/events and the Catholic Cluster events as possible this year across Derby.

·         Offered a wider range of lunchtime and after school clubs. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing costs. Throughout the year the PE team have ran a range of afterschool clubs throughout the year from Futsal- Dance Fitness. This has allowed every pupil to engage in an afterschool club at some point during the 16/17 academic year. Aslo every pupils has access to the lunchtime’s club provided by the PE staff which differ in sports across the year.

·         Ensured an active element to the ‘after-school care’ club every day with all attendees. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing costs.

·         Conducted baseline assessments to assess children’s fitness to allow school to focus PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing and training costs. Conducting these assessment has allowed the PE staff to highlight in where the focus of the PE lessons needs to be. This has helped to improve the fundamental skills of the pupils as well as their knowledge of PE and their overall fitness levels. With every year complete a term of Fundamental skills and Health & Fitness. These elements have been taken into the extra-curricular activities with new afterschool clubs such as Running and Dance Fitness in order to achieve improvement of the pupil’s baseline assessments.

·         Worked with a representative from St. Benedict's PE department to enhance/increase outdoor and adventurous activities within the PE curriculum. Cost neutral as this is covered within staffing costs. This has allowed the school to build their relationship with St Benedict’s and also increase the children’s participation in Outdoor Adventurous Activities.


PE Sports Funding 2015 -2016

Throughout the 2015/2016 academic year we received £9,170.
In 2015/2016, we spent the grant on:

  • Continuing to encourage competitive sport, intra and inter opportunities for more children.
  • Providing a wider range of after school clubs.
  • Introducing an active element to the ‘after-school care’ club every day with all attendees.
  • Introducing baseline assessments to assess children’s fitness to allow school to focus PE lessons and extra-curricular activities.
  • Providing support to coach to improve teaching through a support package over a number of weeks from Derby City SSP.
  • Forging links with St. Benedict's to enhance the outdoor and adventurous activities through competitions.
  • Establishing links with partnerships to provide support for NQTs.



The impact of additional funding on improving the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision:

  • We have more children now regularly participating in after school clubs.
  • We ensure all children have weekly high quality PE lessons.
  • We have taken part in competitions both within and out of school.
  • We have an annual sports day with trophy to celebrate success.
  • We also have a variety of competitions throughout the year which contribute to the new ‘sports’ trophy.
  • We have a sports board to celebrate achievements and a cabinet with pictures, trophies and awards.
  • We have mini leaders supporting regularly at lunchtimes.
  • We have strong links with Secondary school, with brilliant opportunities for competitive sport.



PE Sports Funding 2014 -2015

In 2014/15 St George’s received: £9,170

This is how we used the funding:

  • To lead improvements in PE and school sport by providing staff training on how to teach PE well (gymnastics staff meeting).
  • Opportunities for staff to improve their subject knowledge through attending training specific to their needs.
  • Buying into existing local sports networks such as school sport partnerships or community sports coaching initiatives.
  • Paying for a sports coach to deliver high quality PE lessons to the junior children.
  • To provide more opportunities for children to compete at inter and intra competitions.
  • PE equipment purchased to enthuse children about PE.
  • Netball equipment purchased to help the set up on a Netball Team.
  • Mini leader training for Year 6 children with support of teaching assistant.
  • Links with St Benedict Academy, to provide opportunities for competition and festivals for a range of pupils.
  • Links with St. Benedict PE staff, with visits to school for competitions, PE lesson support and lunch club supervision.
  • Providing enrichment opportunities for pupils with additional coaching and support.
  • Re-organised sports day to encourage a competitive element and ensuring all children were highly active.
  • Celebrate achievements of children, using PE board and purchase of trophy cabinet.
  • FS2 Balanceability sessions and Year 5/6 Bikeability sessions throughout the year.
  • Coach attended Val Sabin course, with numerous additional resources purchased to support the teaching of games during his sessions.

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