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Art and Design


Art and Design work at St. George’s is primarily a practical subject and the children are encouraged to experiment and explore a wide range of materials and skills.


As their art and design skills increase the children are encouraged to plan which materials, skills and techniques they will need to complete each task, and then to review and evaluate their finished product and discuss any changes or improvements that could be made to further improve and develop their work. Wherever possible we plan Art and Design tasks as part of the Creative Curriculum topics so that we can make cross-curricular links between a range of subjects. Recently there has been an increased emphasis on researching and exploring the work of famous artists and designers, and using the work of such artists to inspire and influence the children’s own work.


Design and Technology


The children thoroughly enjoy the creative and practical aspects of this subject. More work is being introduced involving “Food” and the Year 2's have just enthusiastically completed their “Master Chef” topic through which they explored issues such as healthy eating, creating balanced menus, food preparation/ food safety and the creation of their own healthy snacks (including making fruit kebabs which they all thoroughly enjoyed doing).


Wherever possible, Design and Technology themes are taught within the Creative Curriculum topics, allowing for cross-curricular learning and teaching.