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Senua De Dende with Carrie Stack

Start your music lesson with this...

Task 1

Listen to ‘The Ocean’ by Frankie Morland


Task 2

Research and write about the composer Frankie Morland. What do you think about the composers age? What instrument does he play?

Task 3

What do you think the song is about? Explain your thinking. You could draw a picture for this task or write something.

Task 4

Draw a plan that shows the structure of the song.

The structure is all the different sections of the music for example verse and chorus. Are any of the parts repeated?

Task 5

What sounds (musical and non-musical) can you hear in the song? How could you recreate the sounds heard in the song without an instrument? Pick a subject that you are interested in and compose a short piece that uses descriptive sounds. You can use your voice, instruments that you may have at home, everyday sounds or anything that makes a sound! Here is a link for some ideas: 


Record your finished piece of music if you can but if you are not able to do this than that’s ok! I don’t need to see or hear your recordings – this is just for you.

I would like to see (when we are back in school) what you have composed so make sure you write down what you did.