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Class 10

Lent Curriculum Letter - Please Read

Welcome to Class 10 

The class teacher is Mrs Campbell

The T.A. is Mrs Fell

Welcome back to Class 10! We hope that you had a fab Christmas break and are ready to get stuck into the LENT 2021 term! 


Please make sure that you read the newsletter which is attached above. Don't forget that if you are self isolating, head over to the UKS2 Remote learning page for your work. All work MUST be handed in to us upon your return. 


Remote learning will be delivered in a slightly different way soon, so please make sure you listen up in class to the demonstrations and let your parents know that there will be a tutorial video soon!


Our next class assembly is on World Book Day in March - this will be videoed and sent out to all parents. If you have any ideas or suggestions for our assembly, please let us know :) 


Our focus in RE changes on a four weekly basis.  Can you remember some of our focus scriptures and the Bible stories we have been using? Can you tell your parents what they are?


Our Advent Topics

Science - Animals and Living Things, Earth and Space, Forces, Light, Circuits and Materials.


History - Ongoing cycle: WW2, Early Islamic Civilisation, The Aztecs


Geography - Grassland, Oceans, Tundra, Taiga, North and South America.


Make sure that you are revising your knowledge organisers at home to support your learning and understanding. 





Check out the link below - it will tell you all about how we go about developing our writing in school using "Talk For Writing"




Reading is so important for us to learn. We can find out about lots of exciting things. Whatever topic you enjoy whether it is: space, the Greeks or Great Britain, you can learn everything there is to know about it through your reading. 


Delve into a great story and be taken away to a different land! Stories also help our imagination and creativity. 


Please try to read at least 5 times a week to help set you up with the skills and knowledge to learn to your full potential!


Big Maths

In maths, we are using column methods for the four operations. Here are some examples:



Always line the digits up using place value

Don't forget to add the carry overs

Always write the addition symbol so that you don't forget your calculation




Always line the digits up using place value

Always write the subtraction symbol

If you cannot take one number from the other, borrow one from the next column.





Always line the digits up using place value

Always ADD the carried numbers

When you are multiplying by 2d number, always put the place holder '0' to help you multiply by the tens digit.

If you are multiplying by 3d number , always put two place holder '0's to help you multiply by 100.





If there is a remainder, carry it over to the next column

Use your times table facts to help you divide each digit



Long Division:

Long division works by dealing with the largest column 1st - in the case below the 8 (800).

How many times does 4 go into 8? ... from the 4 times table ..2 x 4 = 8. Write the 2 above the 8 and the result, 8, is written below the 8.



Work out the remainder by subtracting 8 from 8, 8-8=0 Now bring the 5 down to make 05 the next number to divide into.


How many times does 4 go into 5? ... from the 4 times table ..1 x 4 = 4. Write the 1 above the 5 and the result, 4, is written below the 5.




Work out the remainder by subtracting 4 from 5, 5-4=1 Now bring the 6 down to make 16 the next number to divide into.


How many times does 4 go into 16? ... from the 4 times table ..4 x 4 = 16. Write the 4 above the 6 and the result, 16, is written below the 16.

Finally, subtract 16 from 16, 16-16=0, which means that there is no remainder.

The answer is 214 with no remainder.



If you need more Book Blog books to read, why not raid your book shelves and see if you have any books that are available to blog? The link to check which books you can blog about is below. Please note: you cannot order from this site as it is for school use only. 

Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 


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