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*UPDATE 05.06.2020*


The Big Schools Get Together 2

Friday 5th of June - 10:00am!

Register your team and the school your representing at before 9.30am yes

It doesn't matter if your home schooling, still going into school or just doing it on your own - everyone is welcome!

There is going to be lots of live competitions and guests and we can wait to see you there!

Don't forget to subscribe at and hit the bell icon so you know what's coming up soon and we'll see you later this morning!



Hi everybody laugh 


It's Week 1 of distance learning for the second half of the Pentecost Term! Can you believe it's June already?! 


How BEAUTIFUL has the weather been over half term? It's been glorious and I've really enjoyed spending time in the garden but I've secretly missed writing back to all your emails and keeping in touch with you all! 


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent me pictures of your work and telling me everything you've been up to last half term!

Check below to see some of your work from the week before half term! If your work is pictured, you've all been given TEN HOUSEPOINTS!! yes


Keep sending work in this half term too - I'm still desperate to keep in touch and see what you've been up to and how you've been getting on! 


Our email address is:


Remember, this is compulsory and so you should find the time every day to make sure that you complete your learning! It doesn't have to be all in one go - I find that little and often always helps me! 


Below, I have uploaded this week's daily powerpoints of your learning. Everything you need for that day is there and if there are any additional sheets you might need, they're with it too. 

I've also uploaded the links to this week's YouTube videos for you. Mrs Sanders-Day and I are starting to share the videos between us so you'll see both of us this week!

Just like before half term, there is still a separate video for the daily prayers. 


I've also left the links to my extra games and storytime videos for you to use as and when you want to.


Take care Class 3, keep up the fantastic work and please know that I'm still missing you all terribly! 


Lots of love, Mrs Holmes heart



Some of the work sent in from the week before half term from you super lot!

The YouTube videos for this week...


Monday 1st June 2020

Daily Prayer – Mrs Snowdon-Poole

Learning for today


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Daily Prayer – Mrs Holmes

Learning for today


Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Daily Prayer – Miss Lewis

Learning for today


Thursday 4th June 2020

Daily Prayer - Mrs Hume

Learning for today


Friday 5th June 2020

Daily Prayer – Mrs Bennett

Learning for today




2 Times Table Game


Story Time Number 1 - Lucy Goes to Market


Story Time Number 2 - Jack and the Flum Flum Tree


Don't forget to also visit the *new* RWI page (on the class pages homepage) to view phonics videos and learning from Mrs Homes smiley

Thursday 4th June 2020

You can now access the Big Maths website for yourself to be able to complete your CLIC and BEAT THAT tests - YAY laugh

However, you can only access these once a week. 

The website will record your score and encourage you to beat your score every time you use it!

I've set them to the one you were using in school and I will also be able to see your scores and see how you're doing!

If you consistently get 10/10, I will change which one you complete to make it a little bit trickier cheeky

There's also something called a SAFE test. We've not used these yet in school (we were due to start them this term!) and they test your outer numeracy knowledge.

Have a go at one and see how you get on yes and don't worry if you find it tricky! 


Follow this link...

Log in details 

School code: 0029

Username: First name.Surname 

^^^ (Take note of the capital letters at the start of each name! ^^^

Password: Abc123 (Capital A)

For more help, Mrs Hume has made a powerpoint for you to follow....

*INTERNET SAFETY* We are spending more and more time on our laptops, computers and other devices at the moment...please make sure you're being safe!

*NEW PACK ADDED 28.04.2020* Throughout all of this, please make sure you are happy, safe and healthy! Here's a pack to help you support your emotional well-being! (ongoing)

The importance of hand washing...

Additional Worship Opportunities 


Don't forget to check out Mrs Snowdon-Poole's weekly Acts of Worship on her page...


There's also the Briars YouTube Page - they also do LIVE Worship sometimes too...


There's also the TenTen Website. This is what we use in school to help with our Acts of Worship and this is where you can also access the RSE Parent Portal too...

Additional Reading Opportunities


Youtube link to daily Read, Write, Inc Phonics live lessons...



Set 2 and some set 3 sounds will be familiar to those on GREEN, PURPLE or PINK books - that's Mrs Groves and Mrs Scott's groups!

Those children on ORANGE, YELLOW or BLUE books - that's Mrs Sanders Day, Mrs Holmes or Miss Januszewski's groups - will be familiar with all.


Read, Write, Inc Parent Guide...


Read, Write, Inc facebook page...


Oxford Owl Website...

This website has lots of interactive books to read :) You need to create an account but it's free :) All e-books are tablet-friendly....


There's also phonics support with speedy green words in Set 1, 2 and 3...


Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 


Additional Active Opportunities


Mr Riley has sent me something to help you keep fit and active... You can decide upon your own exercises and you could screenshot it and put your own GIFs or emojis on if you're seeing this on a phone. If you're on the computer, why not draw and make your own fitness guide. Then, when we're back, we can show them to Mr Riley - he'd love to see them! 




Calming Music you could play whilst you're working


Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin


Antonion Vivaldi - Winter (from The Four Seasons)

Busy Things - We've been given free access to this website whilst you're at home. This letter explains further...! It's FAB!

Chartwells are here to help you with your Healthy Eating!

Chartwells are here to help you with your Healthy Eating!  1