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Teacher: Miss Woodings

Teaching assistant: Mrs Stringer


Our New Class Welcome Display



Important Updates:


If there is an occasion where you have to access work remotely from home, in the case of individual self-isolation or bubble closure, you can find information below regarding what will happen in both situations.



If this happens, I will email you a letter containing information about what to do whilst at home. There will be work set for you to complete at home, if you are well enough. The work can be accessed via the files section on MS Teams via the link above. (The same platform we used during lockdown).

You need to email your work to me/bring it in on your return.

There will be work only, no live lessons. 



If we needed to close our bubble, you will again receive a letter from school with information about what to do whilst at home. We will go back to the system we used during lockdown, meeting twice daily online for live lessons (9:15am & 1:30pm) and setting work online, all via MS Teams. 


If you have any questions/need to send me work, please email me using the address:



If you need to contact me, please email me using the address:


I will do my best to respond within 48 hours, during working hours of 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.





Christmas songs:

Please find attached the Christmas songs children will be learning for the nativity this year. 

01 We'd like to tell you a Story.wma

02 Little Grey Donkey.wma

03 Down in the Stable.wma

04 Such a Perfect Moment.wma

05 Angel Song.wma

06 There's a Razzle and Dazzle.wma

07 Wonderful Camels.wma

08 A miracle in Town.wma

Welcome to Class 3's Website Page 


Yay - we are back together once more! We've missed you terribly but are so incredibly proud of the way you all tackled your home learning and attendance at live lessons was AMAZING! 

You've seen extra information above in case we need to revisit the distance learning situation but everything else for class 3 is below smiley


We will also keep this page updated with lots of other things to help you learn. 

We will upload your knowledge organisers for each subject to help you learn more at home and we will upload lots of pictures of our work so that you can show your parents! 


Our PE days are Monday and Friday so make sure you aren't wearing anything too tricky to change and that you've not got any earrings in on those days. 


We will be sending homework out on a Monday and we will collect it in on a Friday.  


Reading books will match your new RWI group so they will get changed either daily or every 3 or 5 days.

We will still collect your reading diary in every Monday though so that we can keep track of how much you're reading at home - remember, it should be at least 5 times a week!

You can move through our reading stars and hopefully get a prize when you reach the top, not to mention weekly housepoints. 


More information about our class and Year 1 in general can be found on our below but first...Let's have a look at what we have been up to so far this year...

Class 3 one page profile to help you settle in:

Letters and other important documents:


If you still require further activities to complete, please access the Busy Things website. (Link below) 

Our ‘Golden Rules’

At St. George’s we expect all children to be well behaved and ready to learn. Remember that each new term is a fresh start. Here is a reminder of our school rules so that you know what we expect from you.

  • Treat other people how you would like to be treated.

  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

  • Always do as you are told straight away.

  • Play your part in keeping our school clean and tidy.

  • If you have nothing nice to say – say nothing at all.

  • Respect other people and their property.

  • Walk around school quietly, on the left and in single file.



Talk for Writing and Read Write Inc.


To teach the children reading and writing we will be following the Read Write Inc scheme. These are daily lessons that teach the children phonics, writing, reading and basic comprehension skills. The children will have a book they will focus on and all their learning will be based on the book they are reading. Your child may not be taught by their class teacher during these sessions. 

This is a photo of our Read Write Inc sound poster. This helps us when we read and write. 



We also teach separate Talk for Writing lessons. Talk for Writing is a writing scheme written and designed by Pie Corbett. The children are taught a specific text over 3 - 4 weeks. During this time the children learn a text and then adapt and change this text to create their own. The children really enjoy learning new texts and creating actions to help them remember. Ask your child at home to perform their text map to you. 




This half term we are learning and adapting 'The Three Little Pigs'.



Throughout school we follow the Big Maths programme. We do daily CLIC (Counting, Learn It's, It's Nothing New and Calculation) sessions where the children learn basic number skills. Within these lessons we are trying to develop counting skills, fluency and mastery within Maths. Mastery is focusing on deepening the children's knowledge and challenging them to apply their previously gained knowledge to new situations and problems. 




In RE we follow the Come and See programme which has been recommended by the Bishop and written by various Catholic educators throughout our Diocese and across the country. This term's topics include: Special People. Throughout the year the children also have the opportunity to study different faiths and understand how different people live out their religion. 


Throughout their RE lessons the children are encouraged to ask questions and explore their understanding of the teachings within the Bible. The children hear different Bible stories and are provided with the time to 'wonder' and 'reflect' on the meanings of these stories and how God's word is relevant to us today. Ask your child about their learning in RE and ask them to think about any questions they may have relating to their current RE topic. 






Within class we have a Collective Worship table. Once a week the children take ownership of their own worship and work together as a team to lead the collective worship for the rest of their class. 



It's super important to make sure are feeling happy, safe and healthy! Here's a couple of packs to help you support your emotional well-being!

The importance of hand washing...

Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 


We are going to be learning all about these composers during Year 1. 

A composer is somebody who creates music.

Our chosen composer is Antonio Vivaldi. Here's a picture of him.

Don't forget to learn more about him using the knowledge organiser at the bottom of this page,




Advent 1

Advent 2

Lent 1

Lent 2

Pentecost 1

Pentecost 2



Orchestral- Symphony/Sonata/ Chamber music



Orchestral- Symphony/ Sonata/ Chamber music





4 seasons: Autumn


Flute concerto No 2

4 seasons: Spring

Bassoon concerto in G Minor

4 seasons: Summer


Have a listen and perhaps, you could play them whilst you complete your homework each week!


Autumn (from The Four Seasons)



Flute Concerto No 2



Antonio Vivaldi - Spring (from The Four Seasons)

Bassoon concerto in G Minor