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Class 4

Welcome to our class page!!

Our class teacher is Mrs Sanders-Day 

Our teaching assistant is Miss Januszewski.


New class email address is now live!


Please send any work that you are especially proud of as we will be having a celebration assembly on Fridays!

Also, if you have any queries about distance learning, please email me.

Queries will be answered during normal school hours.



Useful Websites:


Practice your fact families!


Parental information for the Phonics Screening Check.



Just to let you all know that we miss you! Don't want you to forget what we look like! Love from Miss J & Mrs S-Day xxx

w/c 6th July 2020



Hi everyone,


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. 


This week's work and video links are below.  


Please continue to send in work for me to look at - especially things that you are really proud of!


Remember that it is compulsory that you complete your schooling while you are at home.  Try to do little and often.



Miss J and I are still missing you all terribly!

Here are this weeks YouTube videos:



Monday 6th July 2020

Learning for today


Tuesday 7th July 2020

Daily Prayer - Mrs Homes

Learning for today


Wednesday 8th July 2020

Daily Prayer – Miss Walker

Learning for today


Thursday 9th July 2020

Daily Prayer – Mrs Hume

Learning for today


Friday 10th July 2020

Daily Prayer – Mr Holmes

Learning for today





Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 



You can now access the Big Maths website for yourself to be able to complete your CLIC and BEAT THAT tests.  Fantastic news!

The website will record your score and encourage you to beat your score every time you use it!

I've set them to the one you were using in school and I will also be able to see your scores and see how you're doing!

If you consistently get 10/10, I will change which one you complete to make it a little bit trickier 

There's also something called a SAFE test. We've not used these yet in school (we were due to start them this term!) and they test your outer numeracy knowledge.

Have a go at one and see how you get on  and don't worry if you find it tricky! 


Follow this link...

Log in details 

School code: 0029

Username: First name.Surname 

^^^ (Take note of the capital letters at the start of each name! ^^^

Password: Abc123 (Capital A)

Mrs Hume has made a Power Point to help you log into Big Maths!

*INTERNET SAFETY* We are spending more and more time on our laptops, computers and other devices at the moment...please make sure you're being safe!



Here is a suggested timetable for your day...

Emotional support pack

Free access the Busy Things Website - this is brilliant! Please have a look!

RWI lessons

Don't forget to continue to REVISIT your previous learning. These will help you. (You could test your parents too!)

Knowledge Organisers for Science

Maths - telling the time


Our ‘Golden Rules’

At St. George’s we expect all children to be well behaved and ready to learn. Remember that each new term is a fresh start. Here is a reminder of our school rules so that you know what we expect from you.

  • Treat other people how you would like to be treated.

  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

  • Always do as you are told straight away.

  • Play your part in keeping our school clean and tidy.

  • If you have nothing nice to say – say nothing at all.

  • Respect other people and their property.

  • Walk around school quietly, on the left and in single file.





Reading is very important throughout school however in order to develop a love of reading and progress your child's reading ability we ask all parents to read with their children at least 5 times a week. Please ask them questions about what they have read and sign your child's reading diary. 


Reading books will be changed on a Thursday each week.


Homework will go out on a Monday and must be returned by Friday. There will be a piece of Maths and an English/Topic piece to complete. 

Talk for Writing and Read Write Inc.


To teach the children reading and writing we will be following the Read Write Inc scheme. These are daily lessons that teach the children phonics, writing, reading and basic comprehension skills. The children will have a book they will focus on and all their learning will be based on the book they are reading. Your child may not be taught by their class teacher during these sessions. 

This is a photo of our Read Write Inc sound poster. This helps us when we read and write. 


We also teach separate Talk for Writing lessons. Talk for Writing is a writing scheme written and designed by Pie Corbett. The children are taught a specific text over 3 weeks. During this time the children learn a text and then adapt and change this text to create their own. The children really enjoy learning new texts and creating actions to help them remember. Ask your child at home to perform their text map to you. 




This half term we are learning and adapting 'The Three Little Pigs'.














Throughout school we follow the Big Maths programme. We do daily CLIC (Counting, Learn It's, It's Nothing New and Calculation) sessions where the children learn basic number skills. Within these lessons we are trying to develop counting skills, fluency and mastery within Maths. Mastery is focusing on deepening the children's knowledge and challenging them to apply their previously gained knowledge to new situations and problems. 











In RE we follow the Come and See programme which has been recommended by the Bishop and written by various Catholic educators throughout our Diocese and across the country. This term's topics include: Special People. Throughout the year the children also have the opportunity to study different faiths and understand how different people live out their religion. 


Throughout their RE lessons the children are encouraged to ask questions and explore their understanding of the teachings within the Bible. The children hear different Bible stories and are provided with the time to 'wonder' and 'reflect' on the meanings of these stories and how God's word is relevant to us today. Ask your child about their learning in RE and ask them to think about any questions they may have relating to their current RE topic. 






Within class we have a Collective Worship table. Once a week the children take ownership of their own worship and work together as a team to lead the collective worship for the rest of their class. 








History and Geography


During Advent Term, we will be learning about: 

The Great Fire of London;

Neil Armstrong;

The Gunpowder Plot;

The Moon Landings;

Mapping of the World;

Oceans and Continents





During Advent Term, we will be learning about: 





Light Sources 





Core Learning Skills


In school we teach the children Core Learning Skills. This subject looks at teaching skills such as independence, team work, speaking, listening, communication and working with others. It is a very fun and active lesson which the children really enjoy.


Throughout school and especially during Core Learning Skills we use our "DRAGON" values to motivate, inspire and progress the children. All children in school are familiar with these values and apply them to their everyday work and attitude.





We have two PE lessons this year - Mondays and Tuesdays. 

We will be learning lots more skills.

Please make sure your child has their PE with them in school each week and that it is named! 




This year, music lessons will be taught by a teacher from the Derby City Music Partnership.

We will be learning lots of new songs and techniques about music and song.