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Class 5 has an email address!


This is so you can email me with any work you have done that you are proud of and would like me to see. I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that you have all been doing at home and I look forward to hearing from you when you email.

Any work that really stands out will be forwarded to Mrs Snowdon Poole for Friday's achievement assembly.   

There is a link for each day to Class 5's Youtube Channel where you can hear from me and see what you need to do that day. I will also be sharing work that you have sent me!




We expect children in KS1 to be working for at least 3 hours per day.


This must consist of:


- Daily reading, writing and maths.

- The remaining time can be used to focus on another subject (s).



Emotional Support Pack

Some brilliant online stories to listen to!

Read Write Inc Daily Speed Sounds Lesson Schedule. RWI speed sounds timetable, updated as of 1st June. Please see below.

Monday 6th July
Remember to start your day by watching Mrs Snowdon Poole's AOW!
Tuesday 7th July


Wednesday 8th July
Thursday 9th July


Friday 10th July

Maths- remember to complete your clic and beat that tests first!

Welcome to Class 5's Page.


Teacher: Mr Annable

TA: Mrs Groves


We are a fun and enthusiastic class who love to learn and work hard in everything we do. Please look through our class page and see all the exciting things we have done so far this year in Class 5.

Our Curriculum at St George's helps us to remember lots of key information. We do lots of revisits throughout all subjects where we have to recall knowledge and skills that we have learnt.

Useful Links


In Talk for Writing, we are currently looking at Where the Wild Things Are. We have learnt the story and looked in detail at the characters and the setting. We have created our own characters for our innovation. We can use the description of the character and the setting to write our stories and use them when we write a letter from Max later in the term.

Read Write Inc, Phonics

Read Write Inc enables children to learn different sounds and words using a range of techniques. The children undoubtedly enjoy their Phonic lessons as they read through different stories and write their own information around the book. Our new reading books also follow the RWI Scheme where we read a story linked to the story we are reading as part of the lesson that week. Children should be reading these stories at least 4-5 times per week. Children will receive 5 Housepoints for reading at home!


In maths, as a school we use the Big Maths programme which breaks the teaching into steps and requires children to complete one step before moving on to the next. Our display has our progress drives on, so children can see what step they are currently on and what they must do in order to achieve the next step. We love the programme, particularly using the different characters to support our learning. We have all progressed through lots of steps already this year and as a Class, our maths has improved immensly. We love challenges within maths that push us, and we look forward to pushing ourselves further so we can be even better Mathematicians.


In RE, we use the 'Come and See' programme to teach the children about not only the Catholic Church, but also other Religions around the world, e.g, Islam and Judaism. So far, we have learnt all about, Beginnings, Signs and Symbols, Preparations, Books and Thanksgiving. We are able to recognise, retell and describe many different stories from the Bible and we really enjoy learning about the different religions and deepening our understanding within the Catholic Church.

In Science, we are developing our Scientific skills such as observing, predicting, investigating and proving through a range of areas of Science. Looking at our Learning Journey, we have learnt lots about plants and trees using good vocabulary such as deciduous and evergreen. We have learnt all about materials, light, animal groups and also how to make a basic electrical circuit. We love our Science lessons, particularly when we can predict and complete an experiment. 
History and Geography

In History and Geography, we are following our new scheme of work where we look at a range of Geographical places and Historic events. In History, we have loved learning about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther-King where we have discussed their impact on society. We have created a timeline of WW1 and thought about the main events that occurred during the war.

In Geography, we have learnt all about the oceans, continents, Uk countries, including their capitals, London and Derbyshire. We have thought about the physical features as you can see on our learning journey.  

Core Learning Skills

Our DRAGON is a fundamental part of our school day and beyond. We have been recently discussing different scenarios that of which encourage us to become more independent. As well as this, we have complete Learning Forums, where we sit and discuss as a class what we have done well and something we think may be improved. Consequently, 2 main targets are set for both Mr Annable and the children of Class 5. We all try our ultimate best to achieve these goals. Currently, we are focusing on our presentation and the use of our Driver words by challenging ourselves in our RE lessons.