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Class 6

18/1 update


All work will now be on teams. Every live session will be recorded so you can catch up if you need to. All work will be in the files section and we will continue to meet twice a day.

You can also use the school hub link (see above) to access any websites you may need, for example Busy Things.


Please remember these meetings, and the work is compulsory and we are taking registers so it is important you are attending and sending me your work. 

Remember to send me in your work via email.



RWI schedule in the event of isolation/school closure

Remote learning - a selection of some fantastic work being completed at home!

Class 6 one page profile to help you settle in!

Ways to support your child at home:


Please find below links to useful documents that can offer some guidance as to how you can support your child at home. They will also give you an understanding of what a year 2 child is expected to know by the end of the year.

You can also find websites that they can go on to, to support their learning and to support your understanding of the year 2 curriculum. Also, you can visit the curriculum pages on the website for more information. smiley 

Reading challenge- each week your name will move if you read 5 times and you will earn 5 housepoints. Each time you reach one of the continents, we will double your housepoints!!


As you are aware, at school we follow the big maths curriculum. This half term, we are having a big focus on basic number and calculation in order to recover and fill gaps that have been created due to COVID. Below, you can see a picture of our maths area, as well as guidance on how to support your child with their maths homework. The layout of the maths homework is designed in line with our curriculum focus on revisiting old learning, alongside any new learning, in order to keep those plates spinning! Any questions, please feel free to ask me via your child's homework book!


Reading and writing

Children will still continue to learn their sounds and reading skills through RWI. Please continue to use the reading books at home to encourage word reading development, as well as understanding the text.

For the remainder of the Advent term, and then moving into Lent term, we will be looking at stories where the characters go on a journey. You can find our text maps below. 


This half term in RE, we will be looking at the topics: books, thanksgiving and opportunities. As well as this, we will continue to have our daily acts of worship either as a class or whole school (virtually).

Take a look below at our RE area in class, as well as our knowledge organisers. 



We will continue to be using the TenTen resources for RSE, and we are now using a programme called 1 decision to teach PHSE. 


Science, History and Geography

This term in science, we will cover a range of topics at a basic/advanced level. The idea is we then revisit these topics again later on in the year at a deeper level. So we will cover everything from plants, to animals, to materials and more!


Within History we are looking at: The Moon Landings, The Plague, The Great Fire of London and The Battle of Hastings. In Geography we are having a focus on the UK countries and their capital cities, looking at key landmarks and both physical and human features. Below you can find knowledge organisers for these topics to discuss with children at home, as well as examples of our learning journeys. 

CLS- remember at school we have our dragon values that we build into all aspects of our learning.

Music - this year we are exploring the composer Beethoven.