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               Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                               Holy Week 2020

Hello class 7,

       I hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays. The weather was so gorgeous yesterday that I managed to sit outside in the sun with my laptop whilst I was working. I hope the lovely weather lasts so we can all make the most of our gardens and our daily outside exercise slot.

        How are you all getting on with the Easter craft activities I am putting on our class page of the website for you? Remember, do not feel you have to do any of them – it is not supposed to be extra work – it is just a little something to have fun with and to keep you busy if you get a little bored at home. Feel free to involve mum or dad, or anyone else that you live with, in the Easter craft activities. I love doing craft activities with my boys – but we are all usually so busy we rarely get time to do any. Hopefully, over the next week or two we will be getting busy with the glue and scissors and making lots of Easter craft activities just like you – although I am sure yours will be much better than mine.

     I have added some “Chick” related craft activities for you to try and remember the “Odd Sock” activity I promised you – well that is on here too! Who would have imagined you could make an Easter bunny out of an “Odd Sock”? It really does work, it isn’t too difficult, and what a great way to use up all those “Odd socks”.

      Have a wonderful Easter holiday,

     Looking forward to seeing you all (and your “Odd sock” Easter bunnies J) very soon,

      Love Mrs Goodman xxx

"Odd Socks" Easter Bunnies

How to draw an Easter Bunny

                 Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                               Monday 6th April 2020

Hello class 7,

    I hope you are all keeping well and had a lovely weekend with your families.

      Yesterday, was Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, the week  that leads up to Easter Sunday. Easter will be very different this year for many of us, but we can still make Easter a special time. The most important thing we all need to do is to keep ourselves and others safe by “Staying at Home”.

     I will be putting some Easter activities on our class page over the next couple of days so that you can still join in with some Easter fun and celebrations. Don’t forget the link to the Stations of the Cross liturgy and live stream from The Briars’ Team.

     At the top of our class page there is also a link to some “Additional Needs” activities for anyone that needs some extra support with their “Home-learning”.

   Wishing you all a very blessed and safe Easter,

   Love from Mrs Goodman xx

 Home Learning Zone for those with Additional Needs.

We have some amazing resources for a variety of additional needs in school. Below is the link, take a look! There are some bits on there for improving fine motor skills and links to other useful websites. 

Busy Things

Busy Things 1

GOOD FRIDAY 10th April 2020: Stations of the Cross Liturgy - please have a read through the letter and join the Briars' team live on-line.

Stations of the Cross

  Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                               Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello class 7,

       Wow, I can’t believe it is Friday again already! This week has really flown by. I hope you are all still keeping well and enjoying your home-learning.

      Did you remember to wear your “Odd Socks” for Autism awareness day yesterday? We had lots of odd socks being worn in our house – I have posted a photograph of Isaac in his “Odd Socks” (strangely he said he has another pair of “Odd Socks” exactly the same as the ones in the photograph! J ha ha).

      I have put lots more exciting learning tasks on the class page for you today, and next week I will be adding lots of craft ideas to keep you busy over the Easter period. (Keep saving those egg boxes and recycle-able materials! I have even thought of a super craft activity you can do with any odd socks you have left over from yesterday’s Odd Sock day!)

       Have a lovely weekend,

          Love Mrs Goodman xxx


Daily Prayer

Active Maths Activity

Science - Food Chains

                   Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                               Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello again Class 7,

           I hope you are all keeping well and still enjoying your home-learning.

           Today is national Autism Awareness day and we had planned for everyone to wear “Odd Socks” to school to celebrate the fact that we are all different but special.

            Perhaps you could do this at home? I am sure you have some odd socks somewhere. I know Jacob and Isaac do! (Every time I do our washing at home I always end up with odd socks ha ha)

           I have included an “Odd Socks” activity as one of your home-learning tasks today. You can design your own pair of “Odd Socks”. Be as adventurous with your colouring and decoration as you can be. It is a great way to celebrate how special and different we all are.

         Take care,

                Mrs Goodman x







Design your own "Odd Socks" for Autism Awareness Day

Thank you Key Workers Colouring Pages

                   Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                              Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello Class 7,

          I can’t believe it is April already. Did you play any April Fool’s tricks on any of your family members this morning? Isaac and Jacob played a trick on me at breakfast. They “surprised” me with a delicious boiled egg at breakfast… but when I tapped the shell I found out that they had tricked me by replacing my delicious egg with an upside down empty egg shell! It was really funny. I will have to remember that one for next year!

        It was lovely to see the return of the sunshine yesterday, even for a short time. It always seems to make everyone happy when the sun is shining. Speaking of sunshine, I noticed that some children have started to put happy sunshine faces in their windows alongside their rainbows to make people smile on their daily walks. Perhaps you could do this too?

       Take care,

                           Mrs Goodman xxx


Geography - Mapping skills

                Mrs Goodman’s Blog.                         

                                                               Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello class 7,

         I hope you are all well. Mrs Webb and I really enjoyed talking to some of you yesterday when we rang your parents. We will be trying again today to ring those of you that we couldn’t contact yesterday, so make sure you listen out for the phone ringing. Remember, we are not ringing to check whether you have completed all your home-learning tasks – we are just ringing to say “Hi” and to say that we are missing you all!

     I have added a science investigation to our class page as I know lots of you love science in class 7. Although we won’t be able to wear our “Super scientists” lab coats for this investigation, we need to remember to make predictions and to ensure we conduct a “fair” test just like we do at school. Isaac is so looking forward to hearing about your results and comparing them with his own findings.

    Remember to keep active and healthy whilst you are home-learning. It is important to get some fresh air everyday – just make sure you wrap up warm when it is chilly.

    Take care and see you all very soon x

Science Investigations

                                        Mrs Goodman's Blog

                                                                                            Monday 30th March 2020

 Hello everyone,

               I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I hope you managed to spend some time having fun in the fresh air (although it was much colder yesterday than earlier on in the week). I am already missing the sunshine - hopefully it will come back very soon.

               I have been planning lots of craft activities for you to do over the next couple of weeks so it would be really useful if you could start collecting some recycle-able bits and pieces in preparation. Cardboard tubes, bottle tops, egg cartons, small cereal boxes, tin foil and wool or string would be ideal resources to start saving in a safe place ready for our craft activities. 

               I am also going to try and telephone each of you for a quick catch up and chat at some point this week so make sure you listen out for the phone ringing ... don't worry I won't be checking up on how much work you have done - it's just to say a quick hello to you!

              Looking forward to seeing you soon,

                                                 Mrs Goodman x

Emotional Support Pack

My Book Blog

Well done to the following children for completing at least one book this week:

Abraham, Dylan, Evie, Freya, Mila-Mae, Mya, Daniel and Milena.

3 House points will be added smiley



                                    Mrs Goodman's Blog

                                                                                           Friday 27th March 2020

   Hello again everyone,

                  Wow....the weather was amazing again yesterday. So wonderful to see all the blossom on the trees and green shoots emerging from the soil. I hope you all managed to get lots of fresh air.                                     Remember, it is very important to spend some time every day doing exercise and physical activity! Jacob and Isaac have set up a mini- fitness circuit in the garden. They have laid out some cones and some ropes and they take it in turns to run, jump, hop and jog around and through the obstacles. I might even have a go on it at the weekend!

                   Did you join in with the clapping on Thursday evening? It was wonderful to hear everyone give a huge round of applause to our amazing doctors, nurses and carers. There were even some "whoops" and cheering on our street.

                    I hope your first week of "home-learning" hasn't been too stressful for you (or for mum and dad!). Remember do NOT feel like you have to race through everything I put on here for you. The most important thing is to enjoy your learning. Don't worry about doing all the work at one time or in a certain order. I will continue to put a range of activities on here for you, but don't worry if you don't understand what to do or can't remember how to work out the answer to something - we can spend time going over it and revisiting it when we come back to school.                                                                                                                     All I ask, is that you do a wide range of activities each week - (do a mixture of creative work, topic work and research activities in addition to more formal learning such as writing, reading and maths activities).

               Don't spend too much time in front of a screen ( I have tried to include lots of tasks that you can do off-line ) and make sure you have lots of fun with your learning!!!  

               Have a wonderful weekend with your families xxx



      Today your task is to write a "Thank You" letter to the amazing doctors, nurses and carers who are working so hard to take care of the sick and elderly. Cut out a heart shape and write your letter on the heart shape . Decorate your letter. Once you have finished you could even display your heart on your window.

Maths - Complete your BEAT IT, LEARN ITS and SAFE Tests and mark them as we do in school. Can you beat your score next week?

                                 Mrs Goodman's Blog


                                                                                                          Thursday 26th March 2020

  Hello class 7,

               I hope you have all managed to get out into the lovely sunshine today. I sat out in the garden this afternoon with a cup of tea and listened to the birds singing - they seem to enjoy the sunshine as much as we do! My cat Mulan loves the sunshine too - I think she probably spent most of the day sunbathing. I hope the good weather lasts until the weekend so I can spend some time in the garden clearing up all the dead leaves and looking for signs of new growth.

                This evening, all across England lots of people will be clapping to give a huge round of applause to all the amazing doctors, nurses and carers working hard to keep everyone safe from Coronavirus. Perhaps you could ask your grown up if you could join in too? 




Reading -

     Today spend some time reading your favourite book. Share your book with an adult or someone else in your family.

  • Which part of the the book you like best and why?
  • Who is your favourite character? Why? Which 3 words would you use to describe them?
  • Write a "Blog" about the book to recommend it to someone else. How many stars would you give it?
  • Design a new cover for your book.
  • Remember to RAG grid key vocabulary and use a dictionary to look up words that you are unsure of. Write a sentence for each of your RED words.
  • Tune in to Mr Holmes' You Tube channel to listen to him reading some stories.



                        Mrs Goodman's Blog

                                                                                      Wednesday 25th march 2020

Hello again class 7,

           I hope you are all still keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather. I am looking forward to seeing all the colourful flowers and buds blossoming in the garden soon.

          Speaking of things that are colourful - I noticed that lots of children are displaying brightly decorated rainbows in their windows. Have you made a rainbow for your window yet? If not, why not do it today? Be as creative as you can...use crayons, felt-tips or even paint if your adult says that it is okay. Here are some ideas. If you haven't got any coloured crayons or paint why not make a rainbow using Lego or bricks.




   Lots of children have also placed Teddy Bears in their windows to cheer people up. 

Don't miss Mr Holmes' YouTube Channel - Telling Tales

Remember to stay active!                                                                                        If you have a garden make sure you spend some time outside in the fresh air exercising. If you haven't got a garden, or the weather is bad there are lots of ways to exercise at home. 

                Mrs Goodman's Blog     


                                                                                            Tuesday 24th March 2020 


Hello everyone,

       I hope you are all well. I will keep adding bits and pieces to this page to keep you busy ...and I will try and make it very similar to the work we do at school. Please do not worry if you have forgotten how to do something or if you are unsure of an answer to a question...just make a note of it in your book and we can go through it together when you come back to school. The most important thing is that you enjoy this extra time with your family. If you feel tired or anxious about something take a break or spend some time reading instead. There are also lots of research type activities, internet links and creative ideas on here that you can chose to do instead. Don't forget that at school we play lots of games to help us with our learning so if you have an adult with you who isn't too busy doing their own work you could play some games to help you with your learning. (For instance, if you have a pack of playing cards you could pick out 2 or 3 cards and use them to make different number sentences or you could roll some dice and add the totals together). If you are very lucky and have an adult at home with you who likes baking or cooking and they have some free time you could perhaps help them in the kitchen. Baking and cooking is a great way to learn about units of measurement - a great opportunity to use ml and g when weighing and pouring ingredients.

         Don't forget to go in your garden if you have one to get some fresh air...and maybe some sunshine too!

       Take care of yourselves and I will hopefully see you all very soon x



A Letter for Class 7

A Letter for Class 7 1

             Mrs Goodman's Morning Blog 

                                                                                        Monday 23rd March 2020

 Good Morning Class 7,

         I hope you are all well and have had a relaxing weekend. I had a very quiet Mothers' Day at home with my boys. I couldn't spend Mothers' Day with my mum as she is in self-isolation, which means she has to stay inside for the next 12 weeks. It was strange not spending time with her, but staying inside and not having any visitors will help my mum stay safe from Corona Virus.

         I had a lovely chat with her via a video link and we are looking forward to going for a delicious cream tea once the medical experts and scientists say that it is safe to go to restaurants and visit people again. Right now it is very important that we don't go to restaurants or public places so that we don't spread Corona Virus to people that are old or unwell.

         I'm sure you still have lots of activities on here that you have not completed yet, but I have also added some daily tasks that are similar to the lessons you are familiar with at school. Make sure you complete a balance of "school work" tasks, physical activities, creative tasks, have some free-time with your family and also try to spend some time out in the fresh air each day too. REMEMBER to keep away from other people if you go out for a walk with an adult so that the Corona Virus does not spread. Also REMEMBER to keep washing your hands regularly throughout the day!

                Mrs Goodman’s Blog                           

                                                               Friday 20th March 2020

Hello class 7,

    I hope you are all well. I hope lots of you have made the most of the lovely sunny weather we have had today. It is finally beginning to feel as if Spring is here!

    Unfortunately, I have been stuck inside the house for most of the day because I have been busy making lots of new learning activities for you and making phone calls to parents. However, I did make the most of the sunshine by sending Isaac out into the garden to put the washing on the line to dry. It’s quite handy having someone at home to help with the household jobs…although I am not sure Isaac would agree! LOL.

   For those of you who will continue with “Home Learning” next week, I have made a simple timetable to help you if you need it. It is just an example idea of how you could structure your day to ensure you have a daily mix of academic work, creative activities, physical activities and some well-deserved “chill-out” time with your families. I have also made one for Luke,  Jacob and Isaac so they can get into a simple daily routine…and hopefully it will stop them from pestering me every 20 minutes with “What shall I do now Mum?” ha ha.

   Looking forward to seeing you all very soon,

   Mrs Goodman


Suggested Time-table

      Morning Blog from Mrs Goodman              Thursday 19th March 2020 

 Good morning class 7. I hope you are all well. I am missing you all very much already! 

As you can see I have put lots of activities on here to keep you busy and to ensure that we continue to make your learning stick. If you have access to a printer feel free to print off any sheets and complete your work on the sheets, but if not then please use the exercise book we sent home yesterday instead.

 I will keep adding to the class pages to ensure you have lots of exciting work to do, so keep checking it regularly. 

  My boys are "home learning" too so we are all busy working (and fighting for the computer and printer!!! ha ha). It all feels very strange, but at the moment the government has decided that home learning is the best way to keep everyone healthy so we must all do it until the government tells us we can return to school. 

   Please make sure that you remember to include some physical activity in your home learning, just like we do at school, and if you have access to a garden make sure you spend some time outside in the fresh air too. Instead of normal "break time" today Isaac and I will be going into the garden. I am planning to get him to pick up some leaves for me...but he doesn't know that yet! ha ha :).

     Take care and I hope to see you all very soon,

                                             Mrs Goodman XXX


Why is school closed?

Why is school closed? 1

                           Time-Capsule History Topic

Help future historians by making a Time-Capsule.

Time-Capsule Project






                                           Home Learning Tasks


 Continue to spend some time everyday speaking to God through prayer. The world   especially needs your prayers at this difficult time. Pray for all those who are feeling   unwell, pray for all the doctors and nurses who are working hard to look after those who   are ill, pray for all the shop workers and delivery drivers who work hard to make sure   there is food for us all in the shops. You could even write your own prayer.

 Use your Bibles or Holy books to spend a few moments each day with God.

 The RE lessons  for our "Self-Discipline" topic will be uploaded  onto the class page.           Please complete the tasks in your exercise books.


  Practice the Year 3/4 Spellings.

 Use Oxford Owl to practice different spelling rules. (Username St Gs 11 – Password   StGeorges).


 Read every day and fill in your reading diary to record what you are reading. There will also be reading comprehension tasks on the class page as well.


 Complete a simple diary each week to summarise the different things you have been doing   at home. Describe the games you played, the books you read, the fun and exciting things   you have done with your family. Try to include noun phrases, fronted adverbials and time   connectives to make your diary exciting to read.

 We will also be putting some sentence and grammar activities on the class page. 


 Develop your multiplication and division skills by working your way through the Maths   booklets. Write your answers in the exercise book we have sent home unless you are able to print them out, in which case, do them on paper.

 Go on TTRockstars and other website links that we will place on the class page.

 We will also be putting CLIC tests, SAFE tests and Learn It Tests on the class pages.   Again, if you do not have access to a printer just write the answers in your exercise book.

 History - The Vikings

 Complete a project on "Viking Life". See the power-points below to give you information about different aspects of Viking Life. If you have access to an encyclopedia or the internet you could also do your own resources. Remember to use your Knowledge Organisers too. You could even make your own Knowledge Organisers to help you to record and recall the new information.

 Geography – Rivers

 Conduct some research about the River Derwent or the River Trent.  Try to find out   what the source of the river is, how long it is, which locations it runs through etc.


 Please revise and recap on the topics we have covered so far. Additional activities and   prompts will be added to the class pages.

 Art and Design/ Design and Technology

  Think about all the amazing things we have learnt about so far this year....the Romans, The Vikings,   The Ancient Egyptians, Rivers, Mountains, Plants, name just a few. Create a collage or a   model linked to your favourite topic or theme. You could make a Viking "dragon-ship", design a mask for   a Pharaoh, make a model of a mountain/volcano or a pyramid, paint or draw a picture of a flower. 


 Use the internet to do some research linked to our Geography or History topics. 

 PE –

 Ensure you do something to stay active everyday.

  Begin the morning with a "Wake and Shake" activity by having a "boogie" to your favourite    songs. You could even create a simple routine that you could teach us all when we re-open.

  If you have access to a garden make sure you spent sometime outside. Jog, skip, jump,   run, play ball...just as we would at lunchtime if we were at school. If not why not try some   simple stretching exercise or even yoga. 


  Don't forget to use your Knowledge Organisers to revisit our previous learning. We will be   adding revisit and "interruption" slides to our class pages to help you to remember and   refresh our previous learning. Keep working hard to make your learning stick!


      Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon,

                             Mrs Goodman and Mrs Webb




RE Reveal 1 Self-Discipline

Knowledge Webs - these are really useful to help us embed many of the things that we have been learning. Take a look for yourselves.

Maths Challenge 

Test yourself with these fun challenges at home 

                   Welcome to Class 7


                    Mrs Goodman and Mrs Webb are the teachers in class 7.

    Mrs Webb teaches class 7 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

             Mrs Goodman teaches class 7 on Thursdays and Fridays.

      Miss Goodwin is the Teaching Assistant in class 7 every morning.

Welcome back to Lent term Class 7 we hope you had a relaxing Christmas break. We have a busy  term coming up with lots of new learning and fun.

Some of our Display boards showing some of the work we covered in History, Geography and Science last term in class 7.

Some of our Display boards showing some of the work we covered in History, Geography and Science last term in class 7. 1
Some of our Display boards showing some of the work we covered in History, Geography and Science last term in class 7. 2

Elfie Elferson has been up to mischief in Class 7 - have a look what he has been up to!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Some photographs of class 7

Some photographs of class 7 1 Our doorway
Some photographs of class 7 2 Our "Growing in Faith" display.
Some photographs of class 7 3 Our Reading Area

Some photographs showing class 7 working very hard!

Some photographs showing class 7 working very hard! 1 Our Science lesson.
Some photographs showing class 7 working very hard! 2 Our RE lesson.
Some photographs showing class 7 working very hard! 3 Our Talk for Writing lesson.

My Book Blog


We have recently launched My Book Blog at home, which enables the children to choose their own books within their band and blog at home. We are all very excited about this!!


Access the website using a phone, tablet or laptop using this link... 

TT Rockstars


We have recently signed the children up to a new times tables website in order to encourage them to improve their knowledge and speed. As I am sure you are aware, the children will now be expected to sit a times tables test at the end of year four so this is a great, fun way to prepare for that!!

We will be celebrating achievements made on this website every Friday during our assembly.