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Welcome to class 8 2019-2020!


Class teacher- Mrs Hume

Teacher Assistant - Miss Baines

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Holy Week  8.4.2020

Hello class 8,

       I hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays. The weather was so gorgeous yesterday that I managed to weed my garden with Sophia and Oliver after doing the Joe Wicks PE session. I hope the lovely weather lasts so we can all make the most of our gardens and our daily outside exercise slot.


During the Easter Holidays we will not be putting on any school work for you to complete. However I am putting on our class page some Easter activities for you to do? Remember, do not feel you have to do any of them – it is not supposed to be extra work – it is just a little something to have fun with and to keep you busy if you get a little bored at home. Feel free to involve mum or dad, or anyone else that you live with, in the Easter craft activities.


Stay safe and healthy.


Mrs Hume 

8th April Congratulations!


Well done Ayukarrah, Charlie, Jonathan, Nela, Emma and Shayaan for fantastic blogging and detailed book reviews on My Book Blog I have put 10 house points on pupil rewards for you.

Remember class 8 I am checking your Blogs and reviews and I am going to be awarding house points for super blogs which are answered fully and detailed reviews. Unfortunately I read lots of Blogs which were unanswered and boring reviews. I do not want to see these after the Easter Holidays.

Wednesday 25th March.


Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and out in your gardens watching all the spring bulbs growing. I am sure you have been working hard on all the lessons below and trying some yoga!. I have added a live science lesson about marine life. Can you complete the food web activity?.  Because I know you all love History I have added some Egyptian activities and added a link to a virtual tour of the pyramids! Have fun exploring.


Mrs Hume

As well as the resources below there are many live lessons planned on a number of websites and You Tube channels. I have selected the best of these below which begin from Monday 23rd March:



Useful websites for home learning.
Please find resources under each topic heading.


Please continue to use MyBook Blog at home. I have also added some reading booklets below with comprehension questions.




Can you uplevel these boring sentences using all of your tools from your tool kits?



The Briars team will be running live collective worship to support the school community. Please click on links below for more information.



Research the River Derwent or River Trent and find out where the source of the river is, how long it is.

Take the Quiz about rivers. How many questions did you get correct?

Science revisits

Physical Education

Please find below a list of free websites to support with mindfulness and keeping active




Try some home baking!




Home Learning packs


If you have to self isolate please download the following packs which will enable the children to learn from home. We will also be sending packs home in the next few days just in case your family are having to self isolate and do not have access to a printer or the internet.



We've been learning lots in our topics and we've condensed the learning into single pages called knowledge webs.  Why not try and learn the key information on the pages as a family.  You could even make up little quizzes to test each other around the tea table!

Our ‘Golden Rules’

At St. George’s we expect all children to be well behaved and ready to learn. Remember that each new term is a fresh start. Here is a reminder of our school rules so that you know what we expect from you.

  • Treat other people how you would like to be treated.
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Always do as you are told straight away.
  • Play your part in keeping our school clean and tidy.
  • If you have nothing nice to say – say nothing at all.
  • Respect other people and their property.
  • Walk around school quietly, on the left and in single file.

Good News- An Easter Passion Play

Good News- An Easter Passion Play 1

Lower Juniors will be performing an Easter Passion Play on the Wednesdat 1st April and Thursday 2nd April at 2pm. All parents welcome

Lower Juniors will be performing an Easter Passion Play on the Wednesdat 1st April and Thursday 2nd April at 2pm. All parents welcome 1

Please practise these songs for this week's homework

Mary's Song




Epiphany 1

Welcome to Class 8 Advent letter

Class 8's Act of Worship Thursday 9th January. Parents Welcome
It is class 8's assembly on Thursday 3rd October. All parents are welcome. Please find below the song lyrics which the children need to learn by next week.
Please practise your times tables by playing in the 'Garage' section of Times Table Rock Stars. When you feel confident move onto the 'Studio' to get an average speed score. Log in details are in the back of pupil's reading diaries.

Please practise this song at home

Giant of faith

Please practise your song using this backing track

Cadbury World Lower Junior Trip June 2019

Halle Concert Derby 2019

Pentecost celebrations in class 8 to end our Energy RE topic.

Pentecost celebrations in class 8 to end our Energy RE topic. 1
Pentecost celebrations in class 8 to end our Energy RE topic. 2
Pentecost celebrations in class 8 to end our Energy RE topic. 3

Garden Club

Healthy Fortnight boxing in Lower Juniors

Our Lower Junior Team are getting ready for the performance of Roll Back the Stone on the 8th and 10th of April at 2pm. The children have been learning their lines and practising their acting skills. Thank you to all parents who have provided costumes.


Please join us to remember the true meaning of Easter.

Lower junior Easter Play - Roll Back the Stone

Lower junior Easter Play - Roll Back the Stone 1
Lower junior Easter Play - Roll Back the Stone 2
Lower junior Easter Play - Roll Back the Stone 3
Lower junior Easter Play - Roll Back the Stone 4

Visit from Derby City Council to talk about Electrical waste.

Class 8 will be leading worship on Thursday 7th February. The theme will be the celebration of Candelmas. All parents are welcome to join us.




Christmas cards celebrating Mary

Welcome to Class 8 letter

Roman Topic- Making Roman shields and learning about battle strategies through drama

Autumn 2017 Class Welcome letter

Class 8 Rules 2017/18- written by children in class 8

It is that time of year again when we perform an Easter play. The children have been working hard and are very excited about the performances next week on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd March at 2pm. Thank you for supporting them in learning their song lyrics.

Easter Play

Easter Play 1
Easter Play 2
Easter Play 3
Easter Play 4

Pure Imagination - Glee Lyrics

Please practise this song to perform in our class assembly next week on 1st February

Please practise this Benjamin Zephaniah poem for our class assembly on the 12th October . 



It would not be very good if you were all the same colour, 
It would not be very good if you all had the same mother, 
It would not be very good if you are from the same place, 
It would not be very good if you all had the same face.
It would not be very good if you all wore the same clothes, 
It would not be very good as every smart kid knows, 
You’re not even the same as your sister or your brother, 
It would not be very good if you were all copies of each other.
I don’t want to get personal, 
Excuse me if I’m rude, 
But It would not be very good if you all ate the same food, 
It would not be very good if you all had the same skin, 
It would not be very good if you all like the same things. 
In my humble opinion we have to learn to share, 
Because life would be quite strange if we all had the same hair. 
We should celebrate our difference the world is full of different people, 

But even though were different, 
We should all be treated equal.

Landscapes inspired by artists Eric Joyner and Karl Egenberger



Click on links below to find out more information about Robots



Summer class 8 letter to parents

Spring Curriculum letter

The Lower Juniors are currently rehearsing for their Easter performance called 'Easter Stations'. They will be bringing home song words and script lines to learn so we would be grateful if you could help them to learn these.


Many thanks


Making a Wildlife Hotel

Making a Wildlife Hotel 1
Making a Wildlife Hotel 2
Making a Wildlife Hotel 3
Making a Wildlife Hotel 4
Making a Wildlife Hotel 5
Making a Wildlife Hotel 6

Autumn Curriculum Letter


#Googleexpeditions 1
#Googleexpeditions 2
#Googleexpeditions 3

Do you know all of your times tables?

How about trying out these online games to help?



Homework is handed out every Monday and needs to be completed by the following Friday.

Thank you for taking the time to work with your children to complete it at home. 





It is really important that children are reading as much as possible at home! Our reading display records how many times children have read each week. The first person to reach the end of the road wins a special prize. 

REMEMBER! You must hand your book in every Monday morning so Miss Davis can update it and so you can claim your 5 House points!




For our Literacy and Creative Curriculum, we have been learning about the Stone Age which has included reading Stig of the Dump as our class book. We have then been able to use our inference skills to get to know Stig better and we have used similes, metaphors and fronted adverbials to be able to write a creative piece of extended writing.  


In our RE work, we have been thinking about the important promises that are made for us during Baptism and what these mean for us as we grow older. We know now how important a promise is and what they mean for us. 


In our Science lessons, we have been learning lots about our bodies, in particular our bones and muscles! Did you know that there are 300 bones in a child's body but we have less by the time we are adults (206)!