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Class 8


Welcome to class 8 2019-2020!


Class teacher- Mrs Hume

Teacher Assistant - Miss Baines

Dear  Class 8,


Remember we are posting work on the Lower Junior remote learning page rather than this page as the Lower junior team will be sharing daily videos and work as more staff will be teaching in school from the 1st June.




Mrs Hume

Timetable 18th May

Remember you can print any worksheets off or you can just write the answers in your home school exercise book or a piece of paper.


If you would like to send a piece of work to me or have any questions please use the email address below:


I will be able to respond during school hours.

My Book Blog 20 mins daily or complete daily reading  task

Remember, I'll be looking this week to see who has been completing their work on My Book Blog.  Make sure that you blog about the books you read.  


If you have finished your book, go to where you can sign up and listen to stories or if you have a kindle you can download a book.  If you search for My Book Blog books, you may find one the that you want which will still allow you to use My Book Blog.

List of My Book Blog Books you could read at home

Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 

Spellings to practice this term 5 mins daily

Monday 18th May 2020 Lessons

Remember to begin the day with prayer so join Mrs Snowdon-Poole in today's virtual assembly.

Tuesday 19th May Lessons

Music Tuesday 19.5.20


For access from home all you need to do is visit:

login: home00090

password: pupil


Make sure you scroll down and click on 'My Assignments' then complete the French tasks I have set you. 



Wednesday 20th May
Thursday 21st May

French- go to Busy Things website and complete the assigned French tasks on numbers.

For access from home all you need to do is visit:

login: home00090

password: pupil


Remember to scroll down on home page and click on 'My Assignments'

Friday 22nd May

Golden Time Friday 22nd May

For access from home all you need to do is visit:

login: home00090

password: pupil

Go to 'Golden Time' tab and choose a fun activity before listening to the achievement assembly video on the previous page.

Busy Things- online learning platform

Please find below links to useful websites if you require any extension activities or extra work:



The Briars team will be running live collective worship to support the school community. Please click on links below for more information.


Science revisits

Physical Education

Please find below a list of free websites to support with mindfulness and keeping active




Try some home baking!




We've been learning lots in our topics and we've condensed the learning into single pages called knowledge webs.  Why not try and learn the key information on the pages as a family.  You could even make up little quizzes to test each other around the tea table!

Our ‘Golden Rules’

At St. George’s we expect all children to be well behaved and ready to learn. Remember that each new term is a fresh start. Here is a reminder of our school rules so that you know what we expect from you.

  • Treat other people how you would like to be treated.
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Always do as you are told straight away.
  • Play your part in keeping our school clean and tidy.
  • If you have nothing nice to say – say nothing at all.
  • Respect other people and their property.
  • Walk around school quietly, on the left and in single file.