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Core Learning Skills Curriculum

Core Learning Skills Curriculum


The Core Learning Skills Curriculum develops the essential skills for learning and life. It intentionally and systematically develops pupils’ personal learning and life skills. Core Learning Skills promote pupils’ ability to learn independently, which results in increased motivation, raised standards and accelerated progress.


What is it?


The CLS are organised into four categories each of which is divided into six ‘Learning Strands’ which are:



Learning with Others

• Developing Independence and Responsibility

• Improving Own Learning and Performance

• Developing a Sense of Self Worth and

Understanding of Self and Others

• Thinking Skills

• Speaking & Listening


Statements from one strand are selected each term to teach throughout the curriculum. As a spiral curriculum, children revisit skills year on year but on an increasingly sophisticated level.


Core Learning Skills Summer term

The unit this term is ‘Thinking Skills’. This is made up of three skill areas:

  • Information Processing and Evaluation
  • Reasoning and Enquiry
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Each class has a set of ‘I can’ statements which the children will focus on.