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Welcome to Foundation Stage!



Staff have been working hard this week, to complete the preparations of our new remote learning hub, for those children who are learning at home.


We will be sending out emails, passwords and a short tutorial video to explain how to set everything up, by the end of the school day tomorrow. Please spend time over the weekend familiarising yourselves with MS Teams so your child is ready to get started. Our first online learning session will begin at 8:45am on Monday 11th January.


Thank you to those parents and children who have emailed work to the class emails. It has been lovely to see how busy some of you are being at home. Please remember that working at home IS A STATUTORY REQUIREMENT and phone calls home will begin next week to check on those who are not accessing our online learning.


From next week our plan is to teach the children as much of their normal curriculum as possible, which we hope, in turn, will take away the stress from parents.  In short 15/20 minutes bursts throughout the day, we will complete maths, literacy and topic jobs. (All timings and resources needed can be found on the remote learning hub notebook page.) We ask that you have a little patience with us for the first few days. We will iron out any issues as quick as we can and fingers crossed we will all be technical whizzes by the end of the first week! wink


Mrs Bennett



Well here we go again FS2! As of 8 O Clock this evening Boris Johnson announced that all schools in England will be moving to remote learning for the next few weeks.

Whilst we will continue to work in school with vulnerable and critical worker children, we are in the last stages of setting up 'live' remote learning for all other FS2 children to access on a daily basis.

Whilst we complete this transition, we have put on a second set of remote learning activities for the children to work through and complete. 

We have tried to make the activities as practical as possible but some may need to be explained, involve discussion or require parental guidance. 

Please send photos of any completed work to the relevant class email so we can monitor what work is being completed. The aim is to complete 2-3 tasks per day as well as daily reading.


We will be back in touch with you as soon as we can to talk you through how to log on to our new learning platform. We understand that it is is a difficult time for you all but we appreciate your understanding and patience. Our priority is to continue to move the children's learning forward and we hope they will enjoy the topics we have got planned. 


Mrs Bennett smiley





2 Week Home Learning Pack

Talk 4 Writing

This week, in school, the children are learning the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We would like you guys at home to also have a go at learning the story, so below you will see a copy of the story map along with the words.

Remember to add your own simple actions to help you internalise the story. It will also really help next week's T4W learning and activities, as we will be looking at innovating the original story - this means making small changes to the story to make our own version. Have fun!! 

We're going on a Bear Hunt story map and words.

Happy New Year!

We hope that you have all had a restful holiday and are ready to start the new year with a bang? 

Please spend a bit of time looking through this terms curriculum letter with your child so you are aware of what topics we will be teaching in class over the next few weeks. 

We are so thankful for all the support you are giving the children at home, particularly with reading. We are proud to say that this year we have already got over 90% of the cohort working at least 'on track' for where we would expect them to be for this time of the year. This is AMAZING!

Please continue to hear your child read for 5-10 minutes each night and encourage them to say the sounds out loud and then push them together (blend).

Many children are now learning digraphs (special friend sounds) so please spend extra time looking through those in particular.

Set 1 special friends: sh, ch, th, ng, nk, qu

Set 2 special friends: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (short), oo (long), ou, oy, ar, air


We also ask that you spend a little bit of time practicing the tricky words: I, the, to, go, no.

Spring Term in Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to our new school term in Foundation Stage.


We hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday and are ready to get back into the swing of things? We really enjoyed meeting the children back in July and we have been busy over the past couple of weeks getting the unit ready for them to start full time.


As you are aware from reading the news, COVID is still very much present, but please be assured that as a school, we have made every precaution to ensure that your child is safe and will enjoy their time with us each day.


From Monday, all FS2 children will be in school from 8:40am-3:05pm. You will need to drop your child off at the coloured picket fence in the morning and they will be collected from there at the end of the day. We appreciate your patience as we get to know your faces and promise we will get quicker over the next couple of weeks. smiley


Thank you to those who have already sent in snack money, welly boots and PE kits. If you haven't had opportunity to send them in yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. We will be starting Forest School and PE from next week.


We will do our best to send out the reading and communication packs out as soon as we can, however their has been a slight delay with a few of our school orders. Fingers crossed, this will be rectified soon. Until that time please continue to share books together at home and talk about the stories which have been read (characters, setting, order of story etc.)


We look forward to getting know you and your family over the next few weeks.


The FS2 Team x







We are very lucky to have 6 members of staff who work in the FS2 unit over the week. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's learning please feel free to talk to any member, who will try their best to help you. We are usually available each morning from 8:40am-8:50am and after school from 3:05pm-3:20pm. If we cannot help you immediately we will book a telephone appointment for a later date which is convenient for us both or alternatively you can send an email to our class email address and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


 Mrs Bennett -

Miss Johnson -



Class 1 Staff: 

Mrs Bennett: Class Teacher and Assistant Head.

Miss Wright: (AM) General Class TA

Mrs Handford: (AM) SEN TA, (PM) General Class TA.

Mrs Scott (PM) SEN TA


Class 2 Staff:

Miss Johnson: Class Teacher

Mr Ormand: (AM) General Class TA



We have worked hard to create a curriculum that allows the children to learn and explore both indoors and outdoors. Why not take a look at what your children are going to be learning during the coming few months?

Long Term Curricululm 2020-21

Helpful websites

We live in a digital age and children can gain a lot of knowledge and understanding from good quality educational games and websites.

We have made a list below of a few that we find useful in school, which may aid your child's learning at home. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions and we will add them to the list.











FS2 Meet and Greet

Please find below the link to our 'Meet and Greet' presentation. 

We ask that you watch it at your earliest convenience and if you have any questions join us for our Zoom meeting on Wednesday 23rd September between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

The FS2 Team