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Welcome to Foundation Stage!


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A big thank you to all the families who are regularly accessing the FS2 class page. It is really important to keep the children learning during this unprecedented time, as it will make the transition easier once we get back to school.

It has been fantastic receiving photos of a range of different activities over the past few weeks. It is really difficult choosing our Head Teachers awards on a Friday. We wish we could reward everyone but we hope that you are proud of yourselves watching our weekly photo collection?

If you need any support with work or have a family related issue please make sure you e-mail us using the addresses below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is an urgent matter please ring the school office on 01332 766815.


Keep safe.


Class 1 children send your work to 

Class 2 children send your work to 





Virtual Sports Day Results

Well done to everyone who took part in our sports challenges. Congratulations to Ludlam this years winners!!!


YouTube Challenge Links

  1. Number of Star jumps in 30 seconds -
  2. Number of Sock/ball throws in (1 min) -
  3. Hula hoop challenge (For time) -
  4. Plank challenge (for time) –
  5. Skipping rope challenge (for time) -
  6. Speed bounce (per 30 seconds) –
  7. Timed run (how long you can run for) -
  8. Sock balance challenge -
  9. Balloon challenge -
  10. Dance -
This weeks learning...

Final Week of school

We hope that you all enjoyed taking part in your Transition Days on Friday? It looked like you were having lots of fun at your picnics. 

Because you were unable to complete Friday's work on Friday we have allocated some extra time for you to complete it today. You have worked so hard on your 'own interest' Fact Maps we wanted you to have the opportunity to bring your learning together by creating your own Fact sheet today. Think really carefully about everything you have learned about fact sheets before you write your own.



*Number to start each fact.

*Start a new line for each new fact.

As well as your fact sheet you've also got a maths job on capacity and an short RE job for this afternoon.

Have fun completing them and feel free to email them to the class page if you would like us to see your work.


For Tuesday onwards, we have put a selection of summer activities on the class page for you to have a go at. There is a mix of literacy, maths, art and topic. There isn't a set amount you have got to complete a day, just take a look at them and choose the ones you fancy. 

We do not expect you to email us the finished work but if you are felling particularly proud of something then we would love to see it.


Enjoy your last few days in FS2. We are super proud of you all!


Mrs Bennett and Miss Johnson x

Worship opportunities

We love the times we get to spend together at school in our collective worships. 

From next week (Monday 20th April) Mrs Snowdon-Poole is going to be filming a short collective worship every Monday, which can be accessed by all families, and an achievement worship on a Friday to celebrate the hard work of students during this unprecedented time. If you would like to be considered for a certificate make sure we hear about the wonderful work you are completing at home!

Emotional Well-being

It is so important that throughout all of this, you please make sure you are happy, safe and healthy! Here's a pack to help you support your emotional well-being! 

Next week (W/B 18th May), is Mental Health Awareness week . The theme this year is 'Kindness'. If you are interested in completing any activities, you can find a number of free resources on the ELSA support web page.  There are resources for all ages.  Don't forget to email us pictures of any work you complete so we can put it on the class page to show our FS2 friends.  

Listen to Stories Online!


You can now listen to authors reading their own books via Youtube. How exciting! Simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on the web page. 

Our YouTube Videos...

Everyday we will be adding videos on here, linked to our YouTube channel, to help you with your learning. You will find these links alongside the daily activities. Class 1 & class 2 please make sure you come and check everyday for the video links and watch these before completing the daily activities. We hope you enjoy our new way of learning love Mrs Bennet and Miss Johnson.


Read Write Inc

From Monday 20th April Mrs Homes will be filming Letters and Sounds lesson for the children to take part in. They can be found in 'Mrs Homes RWI' which is next to the class pages.


A selection of short Ditty books (reading books) have also been made available for the children. Please follow the link to access them. 



Extra Activities

We know that we have got some very 'Busy Bees' in FS2, so as well as completing the daily learning activities we have attached a number of free learning activities for you to complete. These are not compulsory, they are simply there as an extra.

Start with the CVC work booklet and then move onto the CVCC/CCVC work booklet if your child is able to blend independently. 

We have put a number of different writing stimulus sheets on the Home Learning page for the children to choose. We understand that there a varying interests and we want to appeal to as many different children as possible.

Encourage the children to say their sentence out loud, use their Freddy fingers to sound out each word and then check it once they have finished.

We've been working really hard on writing each letter correctly and sitting the letters on the line.

Encourage the children to be 'Busy Bees', using their maths skills. Try and complete a mix of number and shape, space and measure activities.
Why not have a go at completing a mini-topic. There's a large selection to choose from. Which one takes your fancy? Complete any work in your yellow workbooks.
It's important to keep hand and finger muscles nice and strong. Try completing some of these exercises each day.


We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy so as part of your distance learning please ensure you are visiting the 'Sport Events' page for ideas on ways you can be active at home! I have added a link to one of the YouTube channels we use in our lessons and you can also search Joe Wicks - he uploads great PE lesson for you to take part in!

Chartwells Cook Along Videos - Why not have a go at some of the recipes!!!

Take some time out each day to talk together. Here are some prompt cards to get the conversation flowing.

Busy Things - We've have been lucky enough to have been given free access to this website whilst you're at home. Please read the attached letter which explains further...! It's a great site! Lots of fun things to do and keep you being 'Busy Bees'!!

Welcome back to our Spring Term at St George's

We have had a fantastic first term together at St George's and we are very much looking forward to what this term has to offer. Please take some time to look through the FS2 Spring Term newsletter with your child. This states what learning we will be completing over the next few weeks as well as some general information. 

If you have any questions regarding information in the newsletter please do not hesitate to talk to us at the beginning or end of the day.

Helpful websites

We live in a digital age and children can gain a lot of knowledge and understanding from good quality educational games and websites.

We have made a list below of a few that we find useful in school, which may aid your child's learning at home. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions and we will add them to the list.











Class 1 and 2's timetable

We have worked hard to create a curriculum that allows the children to learn and explore both indoors and outdoors. Why not take a look at what your children are going to be learning during the coming few months?

FS2 Curriculum Plan 2019-20


We are very lucky to have 6 members of staff who work in the FS2 unit over the week. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's learning please feel free to talk to any member, who will try their best to help you. We are usually available each morning from 8:30am-8:45am and after school from 3:10pm-3:30pm. If we cannot help you immediately we will book an appointment for a later date which is convenient for us both. 


Class 1 Staff: 

Mrs Bennett: Class Teacher and Assistant Head.

Miss Wright: (AM) General Class TA

Mrs Smith: Class Teacher on a Tuesday afternoon.


Class 2 Staff:

Miss Johnson: Class Teacher

Mrs Handford: (AM) General Class TA

Mrs Smith: Class Teacher on a Wednesday afternoon.


Shared staff:

Mr Ormand (AM) General Class TA

Mrs Handford: (PM) Genral Class TA