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History - Weeks 1 and 2 - The Stone Age

Here is some learning all about a Stone Age settlement that was found on Orkney - a group of Scottish Islands.  The settlement is called Skara Brae.

The work should take two sessions

Your task is to read the information on the documents below, watch the video about what was discovered there and then pretend you are a news reporter.


You need to make a news report about what was discovered on Skara Brae - you need to write the script and you could even film yourself doing the news report.  Get a grown up to help you too.


You could even do some more of your own research about Stone Age times.

Skara Brae - Lesson, Information and News Report Sheet

Skara Brae Video Report

Welcome to In Focus. In this series we take a closer look at particular sites, finds and objects from the world of Archaeology.

History - Weeks 3 and 4 - Egyptians

Below you will find a learning presentation about Egyptian Mummies. There's also a video link about Egyptian mummification.

Your two tasks are to order the process of making an Egyptian mummy and the second task is to write a message inside a canopic jar.

The learning presentation will tell you clearly what to do. There is a page especially for the grown up at home who may be helping you with your work.



Ancient Egypt - Egyptian Mummies

This video shows you how the Ancient Egyptians mummified people after they had died.