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LKS2 (Yr 3/4) Remote Learning

Goodbye Lower Juniors

A goodbye message from the Lower Juniors Team...

Welcome to the LKS2 "home-learning" page. From the 1st June this is where you will find all the home-learning tasks and activities we have set for Class 7, Class 8 and Class 9.

Please continue to send in examples of the work you have been doing at home via our class email addresses -




We always look forward to receiving your emails and seeing photographs of the fantastic work you are doing at home.

           Mrs Goodman, Mrs Webb, Mrs Hume and Mr Holmes 

Sports Challenge Week 13th - 16th July 2020

Results from Our Sports' Challenge Week

Congratulations Ludlum!


             Below is a quick reminder of the class email addresses. 




Monday 20th July 2020
Talk 4 Writing

Music-Our school music team have been busy making lots of videos which we can sing along to. so please click on link below and join in with the singing. If you want to see more songs click onto the Praise Active worship page.

Tuesday 21st July 2020
Talk 4 Writing

Computing- Click onto computer literacy within the computing tab and continue to practise your typing skills by playing the 'Three Keys' and 'Bird Words' games.


You can then go to coding tab and Code disco. Complete section 4 and 5.


For access from home all you need to do is visit:

login: home00090

password: pupil

Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Talk 4 Writing
Thursday 23rd July 2020
Talk 4 Writing
Friday 24th July 2020
Today is our the last day of Term!!!! smiley
Big Maths Friday

Big Maths Login!

You can now do your CLIC tests, Beat That! Tests and Safe Challenges online.

Follow the link:


School code: 0029

Username: First name.Surname 

Password: Abc123 (Capital A)


Let's see if you can beat your score each week.

Don't forget to tune in to Mrs Snowdon-Poole's Achievement Act of Worship.

Golden Time

Golden Time Friday 

For access from home all you need to do is visit:

login: home00090

password: pupil

Go to 'Golden Time' tab and choose a fun activity

Extra Support

  • Read Write IncVideo lessons focusing on speed set sounds for those children in a RWI reading group

Staying Active

It is very important that you all stay active and healthy during your home-learning time. Each day make sure you do some exercise. If possible spend some time outside in your garden, or go for a walk with your family.

We have also posted some links to help you stay active at home. They provide lots of different ideas for how to stay active and exercise daily.  Ideally, you should be aiming for 60 minutes of physical activity throughout each day - but remember your daily exercise with your family and playing outside in the garden all contribute to the 60 minutes.

Emotional Wellbeing


Prayer and Worship.

Here is the link to the Ten:Ten Website which we use for our daily prayer and Acts of Worship.

This is where you can also access the RSE Parent Portal too.

Maths Challenge 

Test yourself with these fun challenges at home