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Meet the Governors

The role of the Governing Body is to:

  • Help shape the vision and direction of the school
  • Have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school
  • Support and challenge the senior management team
  • Hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides
  • Ensure that the school fulfils its statutory duties and the duties determined by the Bishop
  • Monitor, review and develop plans and policies for effective school improvement


How does it work?

To fulfil all of these roles and responsibilities the Governing Body delegates some of the work to groups of Governors. The whole Governing Body meets at half termly intervals (and sometimes more often) to discuss what is happening at school and plan strategically for the future. 



Communication with the Governing Body

As a Governing Body we recognise the need for good lines of communication between the parents, pupils, staff, parish, Governing Body and other people who are interested in our school.

We would also encourage you to regularly visit the Governing Body area of this website to find out about more about how the Governing Body works. Of course you may also write to the Chair of Governors (via the school address) at any time.



Chair of Governors


The governing body elects a Chair of Governors every two years. This is currently Mrs. Karan O'Connor she may be contacted at the following address:

40 Village Street, Old Normanton, Derby DE23 8SZ       Tel:01332 767038



Mrs Karan O’Connor

Foundation Governor. Term expires 22 September 2023

Board Role. Chair of Governors


Karan has been has been a Foundation school governor for over 5 years and previously served as a parent governor at St Georges from 2000-2004 As an experienced voluntary Parish Assistant to our parish priest Fr Alan Burbidge for 18 years Karan was approached by the Diocese of Nottingham to help with the formation of a new Governing Body following the end term of office of four Foundation Governors and the transition of St Georges school in becoming part of a Multi-Academy. Karan is a worshiping member of our parish and lives locally..


Mrs Karan O’Connor Statement.

I became a Governor to assist in the management of the schools by utilising my expertise and experience to ensure the school is run effectively and that all pupils receive the best educational outcomes possible. I am truly committed in ensuring every child reaches their full potential and gains the passion for life-long learning with Christ at the centre. I enjoy being part of the school community and working with the excellent leadership team and staff who continue to develop and provide engaging educational and enrichment opportunities to enable pupils to develop their creativity and tenacity for life long learning. I recognise the contribution a Catholic Education has to make in both valuing and enhancing the rich diversity found within our communities. My experience as a Governor has given me a deep commitment to contribute and support our School, our Muti AcademyTrust and our local community, I believe that the incredible synthesis we have within our School and the Trust creates such an atmosphere of warmth and security and is intimately bound thus ensuring our identity as a Catholic School with Christ at it centre.



Vice - Chair Governors



Canon Alan Burbidge

Foundation Governor. Term Expires 31.08.2023

Board Role. Vice-Chair Governors


Fr Alan has been a Foundation Governor at St Georges for 27 years. Fr Alan’s current role is that of of Vice Chair having served 22 years as Chair. Fr Alan is a regular visitor to the school, spending time with staff, parents and pupils. Fr Alan role includes Patrol care and supporting the Catholic life of the School. Parish life keeps Fr Alan very busy, the parish has a large outreach programme looking after the Travelling Community and the large diverse Catholic Community in Derby.


Canon Alan Burbidge Statement

As Parish Priest of the Parishes of St. Georges & Holy Spirit my main role and responsibility as a foundation governor is to strengthen the links between parish and school. I also act as chaplain to the school community which involves a pastoral concern as well as participation in the sacramental life of Saint George’s Catholic academy’s ,staff and the families of our pupils. Our Catholic faith schools were once a ‘gift’ from the church to the faithful , the school were built by the parishes in which they serve but now, in the twenty-first century, these same schools have become a gift to the church. They offer legitimate and creative opportunities for the church to work with children, young people and their families. Collectively they bring a richness to our parish communities through their very presence. . “Blessing in the Name of the Lord”


Foundation Governor 

Godwin Kudawoo

Foundation Governor. Term expires 


Godwin Kudawoo is a retired Health Safety and Environmental Consultant who has worked in industry. He has had experience as a Parent Governor during the primary school years of his children who are now in their late thirties / early forties. He has eleven grandchildren, the youngest who turned one year old in August.


During his years in industry he was mentor in the local primary school while working in the South West.


Godwin was commissioned as a Key Catechist while working in St Joseph the Worker in Luton. He assisted in preparing Confirmation group of Students for many years in Luton. He was a Reader in St Joseph’s, St Martin de Porres and Holy Ghost Parishes in Luton. Having retired to Derby, he has been commissioned as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for St Joseph's and St George's Parishes, Derby.


Godwin Kudawoo Personal Statement

I have been blessed with watching my grandchildren grow. I have seen at first hand, the dedication of their teachers. I feel honoured to have been asked to become a Foundation Governor. I worship at St Joseph's and St George's where I am an altar server, a Eucharistic Minister and a Reader. Having seen the dedication of the team at St George's Academy, I would like to make a contribution from my life experiences into the lives of the students. I believe that education ultimately points to God. My Roman Catholic faith gives me the desire to make an input that will help lead the children closer to the Lord Jesus.


Parent Governor 



Brendan Drake

Parent Governor. Term expires 31.08.2021


I chose to be a Governor at St George’s to give something back to the school and the community that supported my boys through the start of their education. I felt I was able to support the school through the experiences I have gained as my role of ChildProtection Officer and Family Support Worker at a Grammar school in Ashbourne. My role as Safeguarding Governor covers working with the senior leadership team and the child protection officer at St George’s to support the school to be a safe, happy and thriving environment for the students to be part of.