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Year 1/2

By the end of year 2, children should be confident with their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and some of their 3s. 

Children progress through multiplication in the following ways:

- practically using hoops and objects

- moving to drawing hoops and dots

- writing out repeated addition 

- learning table facts and being able to solve them brain only from recall or using a multiplication square. 


Year 3/4

By the end of year 4, children should know all their times tables. 

In these year groups, they begin multiplying 2dx1d and further, making connections with the tables they already have, please see examples of methods below:

Year 5 and 6

Children will continue to apply their knowledge from previous year groups. They will continue with smile multiplication as shown above, as well as then move to longer multiplication. Please see video example below: