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We are extremely fortunate at St George's, because the majority our Music lessons are taught by specialist teachers from the Derbyshire and Derby City Music Partnership. This means that all pupils are receiving high-quality, tailored Music provision from teachers who are passionate about Music.

In Foundation Stage, teachers support their pupils and help them learn the basics of Music by playing games, singing songs and using the percussion instruments. 

In Key Stage 1, pupils are learning more detailed Musical skills through a programme of learning songs. They are learning about pitch, pulse, dynamics and duration, and they listen to pre-recorded Music to help develop their appraisal skills; they are also learning basic composition skills.

In Key Stage 2, the programme that is being taught is called the Wider Opportunities Programme (WOPPs). Our pupils in lower Key Stage 2 are learning how to play either violin, flute or clarinet. They are further building their music skills by applying them to playing an instrument. This means that when they learn how to read Music, they are then able to apply this immediately.

In Upper Key Stage 2, pupils have a slightly harder challenge and are learning how to play either flute, clarinet, oboe, violin or viola. Again, they are applying the skills they have been taught.


As part of the WOPPs programme, pupils perform mid-point concerts, usually around February half-term. These concerts showcase the learning that has taken place over the previous months, and we are always wowed by what the children have learned in such a short space of time. They demonstrate an ability to listen to each other, follow a beat, follow pitch indicators using the Kodaly method, sing songs and perform short musical tunes and rounds, and basic skills on their assigned instrument.

Some of our children in Y5 and Y6 are taking part in Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET). In the Advent term, they were taught Samba skills, In Lent term, they will take part in "I am a rock star!" and in Pentecost term, they will explore "iPad composition".

These pupils will also have the opportunity to play with the world-renowned Halle Orchestra at Derby Arena later in the year-photos to follow!


Above all, our pupils are clearly engaged with their Music making. They are enthusiastic and are learning at an accelerated speed.