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Phonics, Reading and Maths Schemes

The Read, Write, Inc (RWI) “Get Writing” phonics programme is used at St George’s to teach reading and writing (including spelling). Pupils begin the programme in Foundation Stage, and they will USUALLY finish the programme some time in Year 2 (although some move through the programme at a quicker pace and complete it earlier, and some complete it later), at which point they begin RWI “Literacy and Language” programme with added support from the RWI Spelling programme and My Book Blog.

We continue to use RWI as our tool for teaching reading and writing because attainment-specific teaching guides pupils and supports them as they read and write increasingly complex sentences. With writing, we ensure all tasks are modelled first before pupils write their own sentences. Every pupil then reads their work to check it makes sense and adapts it if necessary. Pupils will only be asked to read words that they can either read at speed or quickly decode.

Pupils are assessed every half term by the Reading Leader and their progress is monitored carefully. Pupils move through the programme at an individual speed that is appropriate to their ability, not their age, and teaching is tailored to their needs; where pupils’ attainment is below expectation, we provide high-quality 1:1 provision.

Our current RWI consultant is Keely Fowkes. She usually visits twice/year to monitor our teaching of all RWI elements (Phonics, Spelling, Grammar and My Book Blog) and working with Mrs. Homes, our RWI reading leader. Keely is consistently very pleased with the progress children are making and the quality of teaching. Pupils are enthusiastic and active learning methods ensure all are engaged.


We have recently bought RWI home reader books (book bag books). Their content matches the RWI book your child will read in school and we can guarantee they will have the skills necessary to read the book-they should not struggle to read. These books are not "too easy" for your child, so when they read the book with ease, please celebrate with them. We usually read books at least 3 times-once to "decode", once to read more fluently and a third read for comprehension. 


Should you have any questions about RWI Phonics, please speak to Mrs. Homes, RWI Reading Leader.

St. George's Approach to Phonics

We use the 'Read, Write, Inc' approach to the teaching of Phonics across Key Stage 1. This also forms our reading scheme for our KS1 pupils. Some children complete the programme by the time they reach the end of the Autumn term in Year 2. At this point, they are confident and fluent readers and writers. For the remainder of Year 2, the children are taught through Ruth Miskin's 'Language and Literacy' programme to extend their literacy skills, coupled with Pie Corbett's 'Talk for Writing'.



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How Parents Can Find Out More

For more information about how Read, Write, Inc is taught, or for how you can support your child, please follow the hyperlinks below. page has many videos that show how we teach the different elements of Read, Write, Inc.


If you have a Facebook account, please "like" the Ruth Miskin page. By doing this, you will be able to view new videos as they are released, ask the team questions and enter their regular competitions to win resources that will support you child's learning!

Fred the frog helps children learn how to segment words into sounds for spelling and blend sounds for reading.

One of our Read, Write, Inc working boards.

Phonics screening check meeting for parents

Big Maths

The Maths curriculum at St George's can be summerised in the diagram below:

Key Stage 1 SATs parents' meeting 2019