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Just to remind you that Ruth Miskin, the creator of Read Write Inc, has a support page on Facebook. The team answers any queries relatively promptly. If you have any questions, please post these on the Read, Write, Inc Facebook page:


If you still do not get your question answered, please email me at: and I will try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Please be aware that I work Wednesday-Friday.


Mrs. Homes



Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds

Oxford Owl has now released many of their RWI resources for you to use free of charge at home. This includes e-books, how to support your child, work books and worksheets and interactive practice resources.

You will need to set yourself up with a free account; please see the link below this message.

If you need any support with this, please email me at:


Mrs. Homes

New resources and timetable for Read, Write, Inc. Access via the RWI YouTube channel (see link above)

RWI schedule

Read Write Inc online reading books.
Mrs. Homes' Read Write Inc videos:

Set 2 nonsense words

Set 2 multi-syllabic words

Set 2: 'ar' Start the car

ar practice sheet

Set 2 'or' Shut the door

or practice sheet

Set 2 'ir' Whirl and twirl

ir whirl and twirl practice sheet

Set 2 'air' That's not fair!

Set 2 air practice sheet

Set 2:'ou' Shout it out!

Set 2 ou practice sheet

Set 2: 'oy' Enjoy the toy

Set 2 oy practice sheet

SET 3 sounds
Set 3 split digraph a-e

Split digraph a-e + ay practice sheet

Split digraph i-e

Split digraph i-e + igh practice sheet

Split digraph o-e

Set 3 split digraph o-e + ow practice sheet

Set 3 Split digraph u-e

Set 3 Split digraph u-e, oo practice sheet

Set 3: ea-cup of tea

Set 3 ea + ee practice sheet

Set 3: a-e, ea, i-e, o-e, u-e review.


Set 3: 'ire' fire, fire!

Set 3 ire practice sheet

Set 3: ear- Hear with your ear

Set 3 ear practice sheet

Set 3 are: care and share

Set 3 are + air practice sheet

Set 3: oi spoil the boy

Set 3 oi, oy practice sheet

set 3: ur nurse with a purse

Set 3 ur, ir practice sheet

set 3 ai: snail in the rain

Set 3 ai, a-e, ay practice sheet

Set 3 oa: goat in a boat

Set 3 oa, ow, o-e practice sheet

Set 3 ew: Chew the stew

Set 3 oo, u-e, ew practice sheet

Set 3 aw: yawn at dawn

Set 3; or aw practice sheet

Set 3 nonsense words

Set 3 multisyllabic words

Set 3 multisyllabic words

RWI spelling is now available every day, Monday-Friday at 2pm.

Follow the link below: