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Just to remind you that Ruth Miskin, the creator of Read Write Inc, has a support page on Facebook. The team answers any queries relatively promptly. If you have any questions, please post these on the Read, Write, Inc Facebook page:


If you still do not get your question answered, please email me at: and I will try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Please be aware that I currently work Monday-Wednesday.


Mrs. Homes



We now have access to Oxford Owl's eBook library.

Please log onto using the hyperlink below and sign in as a pupil:


For FS 2:

Username: rwifs

Password: RWI123


For Y1:

Username: rwiy1

Password: RWI123


For Y2:

Username: rwiy2

Password: RWI123


For LKS2:

Username: rwilks2

Password: RWI123


For UKS2:

Username: rwiuks2

Password: RWI123


Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds

Read Write Inc online reading books.
Mrs. Homes' Read Write Inc videos:

Set 2 nonsense words

Set 2 multi-syllabic words

Set 2: 'ar' Start the car
Set 2 'or' Shut the door
Set 2 'ir' Whirl and twirl

ir whirl and twirl practice sheet

Set 2 'air' That's not fair!

Set 2 air practice sheet

Set 2:'ou' Shout it out!

Set 2 ou practice sheet

Set 2: 'oy' Enjoy the toy

Set 2 oy practice sheet

SET 3 sounds
Set 3 split digraph a-e

Split digraph a-e + ay practice sheet

Split digraph i-e

Split digraph i-e + igh practice sheet

Split digraph o-e

Set 3 split digraph o-e + ow practice sheet

Set 3 Split digraph u-e

Set 3 Split digraph u-e, oo practice sheet

Set 3: ea-cup of tea

Set 3 ea + ee practice sheet

Set 3: a-e, ea, i-e, o-e, u-e review.


Set 3: 'ire' fire, fire!

Set 3 ire practice sheet

Set 3: ear- Hear with your ear

Set 3 ear practice sheet

Set 3 are: care and share

Set 3 are + air practice sheet

Set 3: oi spoil the boy

Set 3 oi, oy practice sheet

set 3: ur nurse with a purse

Set 3 ur, ir practice sheet

set 3 ai: snail in the rain

Set 3 ai, a-e, ay practice sheet

Set 3 oa: goat in a boat

Set 3 oa, ow, o-e practice sheet

Set 3 ew: Chew the stew

Set 3 oo, u-e, ew practice sheet

Set 3 aw: yawn at dawn

Set 3; or aw practice sheet

Set 3 nonsense words

Set 3 multisyllabic words

Set 3 multisyllabic words