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Sports Events

Physical Education at St George's voluntary academy 

PE Subject Lead: Ms Johnson 

PE Specialists: Mr Groves & Mr Riley 


St George’s aim is to inspire all pupils to succeed and develop confidence in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. We aspire to ensure that pupils will become physically confident to lead healthy active lives.

Healthy Fortnight and Sports Day

We are delighted to share with you all a variety of amazing photos and videos which were taking over the course of our healthy fortnight. The children experienced a range of new ad exciting sports such as Archery, Cricket, capture the flag, Dance and Food workshops. They also got to meet Ash Randall and get to experience his amazing freestyle football skills first hand, as well as take part in a taster session. The children have really enjoyed healthy fortnight and have given a 100%. We are so proud of how well they behaved and how well they represented our school, especially when having outside organisations and people in for different sporting opportunities. We hope these have inspired you to take up a new and exciting sport or get back into an old one!! As well as instilling the important of having a healthy body and mind!! We ended the two weeks with our 'Bubble Sports Days' and again all children showed great sportsmanship! Well done to everyone for a very successful two weeks!

FS2 Healthy Fortnight and sports day:

Year 4 Bike ability April 19&20 2021

Lock down Big Bird watch challenge

Year 1 trick shot Tuesday

Still image for this video



Sports Captains- 2020/2021

These are the St. Georges 2020- 2021 House captains. These students put themselves forward for the roles, gave a speech, and were voted in. They will do a great job and they will be great role models to all. 


Sports Captains mission for the year:


enlightened Give it a go and try your best  enlightened

enlightened We are all machines working to progress enlightened

enlightened Your first attempt should not be your last enlightened

enlightened Winning with grace is part of the game enlightened


Interhouse Events 2020-2021: 


Saint georges Interhouse events are hosted by the PE team with the support of the sports captains. Sports captains are in charge of organizing their teams, facilitating healthy competition and helping fasilitate the ovreall success of the event. Interhouse events may take place during lunch time and PE lessons. 

2020-2021 Sports Events: 

National Fitness day 23rd September 2020

National Fitness day was a great day to remind our students of the importance of keeping active and fit for both the body and mind. KS1 took part SSP - Jumpstart Jonny 'Whooopa' Which was great Fun and for KS2 in their PE lessons have focused on health and fitness strategies and the effects it has on our bodies. 






YouTube Challenge Links:


  1. Number of Star jumps in 30 seconds -
  2. Number of Sock/ball throws in (1 min) -
  3. Hula hoop challenge (For time) -
  4. Plank challenge (for time) -
  5. Skipping rope challenge (for time) -
  6. Speed bounce (per 30 seconds) -
  7. Timed run (how long you can run for) -
  8. Sock balance challenge -
  9. Balloon challenge -
  10. Dance -






laugh Additionally PE Ideas and Activities: laugh


As part of the Derby SSP group, we have been provided with Super schools PE lessons and activities. Why not sit down and give it a go. There is no harm in trying something new it may even be fun. Send in any pictures or videos of fun activities for us all to share.


Click PDF Below to access the content.



winkKeeping Active While Home learning wink


It is ever more important we stay active, healthy and fit. Keep an eye on this page and stay active by trying some of the activities and challenges we are going to be setting.


To show how you are staying active why not ask an adult to email in your activities and challenges being completed.


'Active at Home': 

Active at home is a great resource to give you a little direction with what you can get up to at home. Access the link below and try your age-related tasks.


"P.E with Joe" | Daily LIVE workouts for kids | The Body Coach

Still image for this video
Workouts happen every morning from 9am for 30 minutes.

No Equipment needed.

Exercise is an amazing tool to make us feel happier, energized, and more optimistic.

Get involved and connect to Joe through Youtube.
( )

laugh WOW active challenge cards laugh


Below are some WOW active challenge cards why not do one a day to build up a sweat. Try to increase the repetitions of each activity every day and see how far you can go. If you fancy making a Challenge card send it in and it will be shared. For more ideas on HIIT training go and check out the body coach TV:


After School Sports Clubs:  

Tuesday: Taekwondo

Wednesday: Football Club

Thursday: Multi-sports


Image result for footballImage result for multisports



This club Meets up every Thursday on a weekly basis. Each Week students have the opportunity to try out new sports that they have voted for themselves. The list of sports for this coming spring 1 half term is listed below in order. 


1st: Dodge ball

2nd: Football 

3rd: Badminton, table tennis and tennis 

4th: Kingball

5th: trim trail trial 

6th: Tag Games 


Lunchtime Clubs 


FS2: Dance Club (Monday)
KS1: Dance Club (Tuesday)

KS2: Races (Monday)

Volleyball (Tuesday)
Dance (Wednesday)
Hockey (Wednesday) 

Target Ball (Thursday)

Scooter Club (Friday)


House Captains: 2019-2020

At saint Georges, there are many opportunities to take part in healthy competition through sport. One of the best ways for students to take part is through the House sports system. Intra-House sports events allow students to represent their houses in different sports. There are Four houses: Sherwin (Green), Garlic (yellow), Ludlum (Blue), Houghton (Red). Below are the Year 6 House Captains. A big aim for the house captains this year is to get more students involved in taking part and representing the intra-house sports competitions. 


Intra-House School Sports Events 2019-2020: 

Intra- house Dodge Ball league (Tuesdays & Wednesday)

Football: Year 3&4 (16.01.2020)

(31 students took part) 

1st: Houghton 

2nd: Garlic 

3rd: Ludlam 

4th: Sherwin 


Football: Year 5&6 (13.01.2020)

(47 students Took part) 

1st: Houghton 

2nd: Garlic, Ludlam 

3rd: Sherwin 


Basketball: Year 5&6 (17.12.2019)

(41 students took part)

1st: Houghton 

2nd: Ludlum

3rd: Garlic 

4th: Sherwin 


Basketball: Year 3&4 (10.12.18)

(38 Students took Part) 

1st: Sherwin 

2nd: Houghton

2nd: Garlic 

2nd: Ludlum 


Dodgeball: Year 5&6 (07.11.19)

(44 students took part)

1st:  Houghton

2nd: Sherwin 

3rd: Ludlam 

4th: Garlic 


Dodgeball: Year 3&4 (17.10.19)

(51 students took part)

1st:  Houghton

2nd: Sherwin

2nd: Ludlum 

4th:  Garlic 



Derby Catholic School Sports Partnership Event 2019/2020:

 As members of the Derby Catholic school Sports partnership (DCSSP) there are many different sporting events, we can attend. The aim of this partnership is to engage students in competitive sports, develop teamwork and cultivate corporation between the school's sporting opportunities. There are three different types of events to get students involved.


  1. Trophy ‘A’ Event: This is a Competitive event for years 5 & 6 between the DCSSP.
  2. Trophy ‘B’ Event: This is a Competitive event for years 3 & 4 students between the DCSSP.
  3. Introductory Event: This is for students who would like to learn a new sport and represent the school in doing so


List of DCSSP Events: 

Year's 5&6 Basket Ball 24/10/2019: Trophy Catagory 'A' Event. 


Year's 3&4 Tag Rugby 07/11/2019: Introduction Catagory 'B' Event.


Year's 5&6 Girls Futsal 04/02/2020: Trophy Catagory 'A' Event. 


Year's 3&4 Dodge ball 19/03/2020: Introduction Catagory 'B' Event.


Galic Football 28/04/2020: Introduction Catagory 'A' Event.


Catholic School Games Football & Netball 02/07/2020: Trophy Catagory 'A' Event. 


Year's 5&6 Girls Futsal 04/02/2020: Competition A Event

Over the past several week's many girls in years 5 & 6 tried out to play for the Futsal team. It was hard to choose from all the talent but we were only allowed to bring 10 students. However, the amounts of girls interested to play and compete is a good sign for the future of this competition. 


The Futsal event was Hosted by Saint Benedict Secondary school. This event brought a group of girls together to train, play and compete in the annual Futsal competition. The competition was very high on the night with all the schools ready to compete for the trophy. As this event was played in a round-robin style the team had the opportunity to play every school. Each game was four minutes of intense futsal and all the girls played there fair share. 


The four games presented different challenges and tactics and the team adapted well to everything they faced. As a team, we walked away with Two wins, one Draw, and one Loss. This gave us a grand total of 9 points and placed us 2nd out of the five schools.


Both my self and Mr. Reily were proud to see how well the girls played as a team and as you chanted on the night 3,2,1...... Go, Saint Georges !!!  

Year's 3&4 Tag Rugby 07/11/2019: Introduction Catagory 'B' Event.

The introductory Tag-rugby event was hosted at Saint Benedict's Voluntary Acadamey. This event allowed students from Saint George's to take part in a new sport with a range of other students within the DCSSP.  


it was great to see the 10 students from years 3&4 represent themselves so well with so much pride. The students were split up into five different teams and mixed between the four schools. This meant they had to get to know new people and then develop the skills to work in a new team.


The children were exposed to new activities and challenges in order to develop the skills needed in tag-rugby. It enabled the children to gain a greater knowledge of the sport and grow in confidence. As an introductory event, it gave the children and the school the opportunity to offer another sport to other students at St Georges.  


We look forward to offering this sport to other students as part of the PE curriculum in the future. Hopefully, the skills learnt at this event will enable the 10 students to educate their peers. 

Year 5 & 6 Basketball Category 'A' DCSSP Event (24/10/2019).

The 5 a side Basketball event was hosted at Saint Benedicts Catholic School. The team in preparation for this event had trained hard, developed there understanding of the rules and became a unified team. 


In total there where five other Schools apart of the DCSSP that took part: St. Alban's, St. Mary's, St. Joseph's, St. Georges, St. John Fisher's. St. Joseph's Held the trophy from the previous year. 


The team played four games in total in a round-robin style. St. Georges had 2 wins and 2 draws totaling 8 points which placed the team as runners up (2nd place). St. John Fisher took the trophy with 3 wins & 1 Draw totaling 10 points. This was a great event and all students should be proud they represented the school so well. 

Derby City SSP 2019/2020:


Saint Georges's catholic voluntary Academy are proud members of the derby city SSP (school Sports Partnership). This is a great organization that helps provide sporting opportunities for our students. We look forward to taking part in many events Hosted by the SSP in the coming year. 

Indoor Athletics Year 5&6: 11.02.20

Still image for this video

February 11th, 2020 was the day students from class 11 were asked to represent the school in an indoor athletics competition against other schools in the County. These students put themselves forward and proved to be great ambassadors.

The day was comprised of track and field events. Every student competed in at least 3 events on the day. There were many outstanding performances and the support that students showed each other was inspiring. We are still waiting to find out the final results and how individuals performed against their peers.

Every student performed to the best of their ability and had a thoroughly enjoyable day. A great learning experience!

Foundation Stage 'SSP' winter walk: 14/ 01/ 2020

This was a great trip out of school for the foundation stage. On this amazing little adventure at Darly Abby, some students from the foundation stage were able to get stuck into not 1 but 3 different treasure hunts. The activities allowed the students to take the language skills they had learned at school and apply it in the real world. The children got a lot from this experience and a lot of fun was had by all. 

Rammie's Reindeer Run 13th December 2019

Still image for this video
Class 10 Had a great day out participating in Rammie's Raindeer 3km run (13/12/19). The event took place at Moorways stadium and was Hosted by Derby City SSP. There were many impressive runs By the students and the sense of team was high through out the event.


St George's Sports Day 2018

Events This Term: 
Well... we're always busy here at St George's in regards to playing sports;

12th November Year 5&6 football at DW soccerdome

We took part in our 1st round of matches vs 3 different schools across Derbyshire. We had a mix of year 4,5 and 6 and ended up winning 1, drawing 1 and loosing 1. They all tried really hard and learned lots of things that we will be looking forward to using in the next games. Well done all involved.

19th June KS1 Fitness is Fun 

Year 1& 2 children took part in Derby City SSP's Fitness is Fun event. The children undertook different fitness activities and all left with smiles on their faces. 

12th June CC Year 5&6 Cricket Festival

Year 5&6 Children competed in cricket festival at Saint Benedict's school. The team played well and toughly enjoy themselves. Well done! 

2nd May- SSP Year 5&6 Netball Tournament

Year 5&6 Children competed in Derby City SSP's Netball Tournament and finished 4th overall in their group. The team played well and toughly enjoy themselves. Well done! 

1st May- CC Year 3&4 Futsal Tournament 

Year 3&4 Children competed in a futsal tournament at Saint Benedict's school on Tuesday night. The team finished 4th overall but played some fabulous football over the course of their matches. They did St George's proud! Well done! 

24th April- CC Dodgeball Festival 

Year 3 &4 Children enjoy an afternoon playing Dodgeball at Saint Benedict's School. The children played 5 other schools in the event and ended the event with red faces and big smiles.


16th January- Winter Seasonal Walk

KS2 Children were picked to take part in Derby City SSP's Annual Winter Seasonal Walk. The children walked around Darley Abbey park trying to spot different things along the way whilst also getting a little bit muddy! They all ended the walk with smiles on their faces!  

19th January- EFL U11's Tournament 

8 Year 5&6 were picked to take part in the English Football League U11's Tournament at DW Powerleague. The side played in various matches against lots of different Derbyshire schools. The team came 3rd in the group but were unfortunate enough not to progress to the next round however the performance and sportsmanship were superb! Well done boys!

1st February- Year 3/4 Gymnastics Competition

6 Year 3&4 children were chosen to represent the school at a local gymnastics competition. The gymnastics had to perform 3 different routines to the judges. All gymnastics showed their dedication toward practicing   and their commitment towards the competition. The represented the school with pride and honor. 

13th February- CC Basketball 
Year 5&6 children were chosen to take part in our 2nd Catholic Cluster tournament of the year. The children played matches a
gainst different schools and eventually finished 3rd overall. 


6th November- 11th January ​​​​​​Derbyshire Schools 5-A-Side League 

8 Year 5/6 were picked to play in this year's Derbyshire Schools League which is played every Monday night at DW Powerleague. The school play against different school in 8 minutes fixtures. The team have been doing very well and are currently 5th in league.


9th November- KS2 Football Plus

Children across KS2 were picked to enjoy a morning of playing football matches against other schools. The children thoroughly enjoy the event especially with all the goal that they achieved.


28th November- Year 4&5 Futsal Tournament

Year 4&5 Footballers played in a futsal tournament against other school in Derby Area. Futsal is very similar to 5 a side football however the ball is heavier and does not bounce as much. The team did their best and show excellent sportsmanship’s towards the other team. Well done lads!


30th November- Year 5&6 Gymnastics Competition

6 children were chosen to represent St George’s at Derby City SSP annual Year 5&6 Gymnastics competition at Mickleover Gym. The gymnasts had been practicing their routines in preparation for this event and did very well in their performances especially those whom have never performance in front of an audience before.


5th December- Catholic Cluster Year 5&6 Badminton

6 children were picked to represent St George’s at the first Catholic Cluster event of the year at Saint Benedict’s school. The children played different badminton matches against other Catholic schools. The children enjoyed the event very much and all left with a smile on their faces.


15th December- #ThisGirlCan

Girls in KS2 which chosen to enjoy this year #ThisGirlCan event. The event introduces the girl to different sports which they may or may not have participated in before including; Dodgeball & Volleyball. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the event so much their cheeks nearly matched their Christmas jumpers!


4th October- KS2 Cross Country events @ Moorways Sports Centre 
**Parents are welcomed to stay & watch- the more the merrier! ** 


12th October- KS2 Multisports Festival @ Willows Sports Centre

A handful of our KS2 children enjoyed an afternoon of sports provided by Derby City SSP. The children enjoyed session's of Handball, Dodge ball and Basketball which was delivered by Derby Trailblazers coaches. They showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the afternoon and all left the event with a huge smile on their face! 

17th October- KS2 Bikeability @ Markeaton Park

A small group of KS2 student's took part in the first Bikeability festival of the year! The students took part in a various different activites ranging from mastering the basic of riding bike to zooming around on a racing bike. The student's even got to do a bike ride around the park at the end of the event! 



Healthy Fortnight- Week 1

During this week, the children has been participating in a variety of different activities to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

One of the activities that the children undertook is creating fruit salad kebabs and muesli with Tesco in order to learn how to create fun healthy snacks for themselves & for their friends and family. The best part of lesson was holding a fish according to some of the children!!

Also Derby County Community Trust came in delivering a range of different activities across the school. Year 5 were treated to the +Sport Move & Learn programme where the children learnt about what is involved in a healthy lifestyle and 3 different sports (football, handball & dodge ball). The trust also came in to deliver the first part of St George’s approach to becoming an active school with the children taking in part in various different fitness activities.

As well as different visitors, the children also experience Dance Fitness with Miss Haynes during the week- dancing along to their favourite songs whilst also being active.



Competitions and Festivals


Quick sticks Hockey Competition- 6.06.2017
**Cancelled due to Bad weather** :( 

Hooping & Skipping Festival- 9.06.2017
Selected children from Year 2 experience a morning with Derby City SSP learning different ways to hula hoop and skip. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and returned to school with a big smile on their faces. All the children were super and kept moving throughout the whole session.  

KS1 Mini Game Festival- 28.06.2017

#ThisGirlCan Festival- 29.06.2017

KS1 Mini Athletics- 6.07.2017





Extra sport this term


Dance Fitness- Open to all years apart from reception.

Taekwondo- Open to KS2

DCCT Football Club- Open to all years apart from reception.

Multisports (variety of different sports)- Open to all years apart from reception.

Running Club- Open to KS2


Lunchtime KS1; Hula Hooping  & Dance Club

Lunchtime KS2; Football League (TBC), Basketball & Tennis



All children participate in a daily 'Wake and Shake' routine which takes place on the Junior playground in the morning for KS2 and on the Infant playground just before the end of lunchtime for KS2. The routines vary in ability and include dance and exercise movements. This enables all children to participate whilst having fun with staff and their peers!!


Research also suggests that a daily 'wake and shake' routine can impact on the following areas:

  • ​Enjoyment of school life and a sense of well-being (staff too!)
  • Improved self-esteem impacting on other curriculum areas: 'success breeds success'
  • Improved co-ordination (gross motor skills then impacting on fine motor skills)
  • Improved rhythm and timing
  • Improved concentration and application to tasks immediately after the brief exercise session
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved behaviour 







Competitive sport is an important aspect of the PE curriculum and we have a number of teams competing at different sports across the school. Many pupils also take part in festivals and sporting events, which encourage children to take part and enjoy a variety of sports.


Find information about all the sporting events both in school and out of school on this page.

Competition Results


Cross Country Relay - Wednesday 19th October

This was our first competition this year and it was fantastic to see the children really eager to do our school proud. They all performed really well and represented our school in the best manner. The children were up against some tough teams who clearly have had a lot of experience. However this did not phase our Juniors and they gave every relay their best shot. So a big well done and thank you to those that attended!! 


Some fantastic pictures of the event will be uploaded shortly!!

Year 3/4 Boys Futsal Competition


Last Wednesday 3rd November the Lower Junior boys took part in a Futsal Competition at St Benedict's. We delighted to announce that out of the five teams that participated we came second. A very big well done to the team. Even though it was extremely cold they didn't let this effect their performance!! This was also their first time working together as a team and they managed to come out on top!! They represented the school very professionally and showed great showmanship to the other teams. We are very proud of them and they were delighted to receive a certificate on Friday during Achievement Assembly. Well done to all!!

Mixed Year 4/5 Futsal Competition

On Tuesday 29th November Miss Johnson, myself and Year 3 and 4 children, attended a futsal competition held at Noel Baker Sports Centre. 


Prior to the event the children had been attending a lunch time futsal club where they practiced the required skills and tactics. This enabled them to gel as a team and become familiar with each other's abilities. 


The event played out as follows; our first match was against St Werburgh's, second game was against Bemrose and the final game was Lakeside. All children gave 100% in each match!


The children were all very excited to represent St George's, and for some it was their first experience of playing a competitive sport against other schools. They all behaved in an appropriate manner and represented the school outstandingly. The children showed great sportsmanship and team spirit. We look forward to the next futsal event! Here are some pictures of the event.

Year 3/4 Physical Activity Festival


On Wednesday 30th November the following children; Kinga, Safa, Jason, Connor, Marcus, Husna, Denis, Kristyna, Thomas, Stella, Natasha and Titus attended a fun and energetic physical  activity festival with Mr Hanif and myself. The children were given the opportunity to try a variety of sports such as; Karate, Gymnastics, Yoga and many more. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gave 100%, it was lovely to see them having such a great time and getting involved in different sports. Here are some photos and videos of the event. 

Year 5/6 Catholic Cluster Badminton Competition

On Friday 2nd December Year 5/6 took part in a badminton competition, hosted at St Benedict's against our fellow catholic cluster schools. The event was a huge success and the children represented our school fantastically. They displayed a great attitude towards sportsmanship and fairness which was lovely to see. They all fully engaged with the competition and gave it their best, which resulted in us placing second out of the four schools that participated.  


This was a fantastic achievement as we have only had four badminton sessions,after school, this half term. As a team the children work well together and individually they all offer a great deal of support to each other. This all contributed to our success on Friday night, at St Benedict's, so well done to all of you!! You have all made our school and myself very proud of you! Finally, a massive thank you to the parents for arranging transport to and from the event and not only that but giving up your own time to support us during the event, we really appreciate this!! Here are a couple of pictures of the team!


St George's Year 5/6 Badminton Team



The year 5/6 girls attended an activity festival where they were able to carry out a variety of fun sporting activities such as cycling (Cycle Derby), Tennis (Derby Tennis Centre) and Football (Derby County). There was also an OAA station and a Boxercise class. The girls thoroughly enjoyed carrying out the activities without the added pressure of competing. They were able to relax and apply themselves without feeling pressured to do well, which in turn, enabled them to identify whether or not they could possibly take up one of these sports long term. It was great to see them getting involved and working as a team. They represented the school superbly. Well done girls!!

Spring Term 1


Winter Seasonal Walk

Upon our return from the Christmas holidays we were delighted to offer 14 of Key Stage 2 children a morning out around Alvaston Castle. The children were provided with a map and pictures of shields which are located around the castle, they had to use the map to located each shield and crack the code. I am delighted to say that we were the first school to complete the task and carried it on in an impressive time of 40 minutes and 37 seconds. The children had a fantastic time and worked incredible well as a team, sharing ideas and making sure everyone was involved. Well done to all!!

Key Stage 1 Physical Activity Festival

The infants have been desperate to attend one of our physical activity events so I was delighted to inform them that we had been invited to David LLoyds Sports Centre to enjoy a morning of fun sporting activities. The children were able to have a go at a varitey of activites that they may never have had the opportunity to be involved in previously. The children loved taking part in the yoga and karate, they gave every activity 110%. They all behaved extremely well and truly showed all the other attending schools and staff involved just how willing we really are as a school to do our best and get involved, even if we are a little unsure. Well done to all children invovled it was such a pleaure to take you.



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Spring 2

Cheerleading Festival

St George's have had the opportunity, through the School Sports Partnership, to take our cheerleaders, who attended our after school club, to a cheerleading festival where they were able to showcase all that they have learnt. Initially, we began by doing a warm up which was carried out by one of the SSP team members. This was great fun and really got the children to loosen up and enjoy themselves. Afterwards, they were shown some of the traditional moves used by cheerleading squads and they were informed that they were going to create their own routine and then show it to the rest of the attending schools, they were all extremely excited about this.The girls were given pompoms and an hour to create their own routine. I have to say the girls did extremely well, not only did they create their own routine but they were also the only group who carried out their routine to their own chant, which was extremely brave. Well done girls!!

Celebration of Dance

Since September the children have been working on a variety of dance routines during our daily 'wake and shake', in preparation for this event. The children have absolutely loved our routines, especially Bruno Mars so it made sense to choose this routine, along with our Jessie J routine for the dance festival. The Infants and Juniors have all worked hard to learn these routines so I was more then happy, and confident in their ability, to mix up the grouping and allow them all to take part in the show as one whole group, which might I add we were the only school to do this at the evening show. This worked really well and the dance was amazing! We were the last group to perform out of 15 other schools and it has been said by many that we brought the house down!!! I am so proud of all the children, they were amazing!!


A huge thank you to all the parents who supported us, we really appreciated this and I know it made the children even  more determined to show you exactly what we can do, I know that you would all agree that they certainly did do just that! Video to follow soon!!

9/3/17 Yrs 5/6 Girls Futsal Competition

I selected a team of 7 girls to represent  St George's for the Girls Futsal competition held at St Benedict's School. Some of the girls had some experience of competing in competitions previously but the majority of them had never had a competitive match, so this was a very good experience for them. We played against 3 other teams; St Alban's, St John Fisher, St Mary's and St Joseph's. All the girls worked very hard and showed good sportsmanship and tried their very best. Unfortunately we didn't come first, but with a bit more practice we have the ability to win! All the girls are very proud of what they have achieved and enjoyed the whole experience.Thank you to all the parents who came to support their children and the school.

Mr Mitchell

Spring Report

Summer Term Report