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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (From The "Be Inspired with Alpro Simply Plain" T.V. Advert)

Listen to this... then answer Miss Vicki's Questions...
Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy


There is 1 tv advert of The sugar plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky played by a group of flutes.


Task 1

We play on a normal size  flute in class. Can you find out what the smaller flute is called and what the larger flute is called and to say something about the pitch of them.


Task 2

You can hear there is more than 1 flute playing in the clip, find out the name when there are

2 people playing in a group

3 people playing in a group

4 people playing in a group

5 people playing in a group


Task 3

The sugar plum Fairy is a ballet suite called the Nutcracker  by Tchaikovsky.

Can you find some information out on him


Task 4

Listen to some more of The Nutcracker’ One of the other movements of the ballet feature the flutes at the start. Which one is it, Can you tell me what it’s called?


Task 5

Can you find any more famous pieces of classical  music that are used in TV adverts?